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Major Project Updates for the Month of August 2019

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Major Project Updates for the Month of August 2019

A monthly update of recently added, under construction, and completed projects in the Alberta Major Projects Inventory.


Recently Added

22 projects were recently added with a combined value of $746.4M for the month of August 2019

Hardisty Oil Terminal Storage Expansion (Phase 2 and 3) - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Hardisty-Oil-Terminal-Storage-Expansion-Phase-2-and-3/3912
Phase 2 and 3 of Gibsons Hardisty Terminal Expansion will construct 5 additional tanks that will have a capacity of 2.5 million barrels at their Top of the Hill storage location. This will raise the storage capacity to approximately 12.5 million [Read More]

Viking Connector Pipeline - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Viking-Connector-Pipeline/3898
The project will construct an 8-inch, 75-kilometre crude oil pipeline from Inter Pipeline’s Throne Station, connected to the Bow River pipeline system near Coronation to another pipeline system near Stettler. Volume forecasts for the pipeline are [Read More]

North Edmonton Sanitary Trunk NC2 and NC3 - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/North-Edmonton-Sanitary-Trunk-NC2-and-NC3/3905
North Edmonton Sanitary Trunk is being developed to facilitate growth in the North Edmonton area. The trunk is located near the pump station at 153 Avenue and Castledowns Road. The project will be commissioned in 2020.

Hardisty Oil Terminal Storage Expansion (Phase 4) - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Hardisty-Oil-Terminal-Storage-Expansion-Phase-4/3913
Phase 4 will add 500,000 barrels of additional capacity at Gibsons Hardisty oil storage facility at the Top of the Hill location. This will increase the storage capacity of the facility to approximately 13-million barrels.

South Edmonton Sanitary Sewer (SESS) - Stage SW4 - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/South-Edmonton-Sanitary-Sewer-SESS-Stage-SW4/3906
The project involves the construction of a 1,550 m long, 2940 mm diameter tunnel. The tunnel extends from Ellerslie Road (southwest at Whitemud Creek) to Windermere Boulevard.

Roadwork - 17551 - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Roadwork-17551/3901
The project will involve the rehabilitation of:
-Highway 2, south of Ellerslie Road to just north of Highway 216.
-Highway 628, from Highway 216 for 3 km east.
-Highway 625, 3 km east of Highway 2 to Highway 21
-Highway 814, from Highway 625 to [Read More]

The Giordano Residences - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/The-Giordano-Residences/3914
Construction of a 5 storey low rise apartment complex. The 62,000 square foot building will feature 73 units upon completion.

Wembley Waterline - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Wembley-Waterline/2076

Hotel Macdonald Renovation - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Hotel-Macdonald-Renovation/3904

Roadwork - 10379 - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Roadwork-10379/3900
Plans call for the rehabilitation of Highway 2 between south of highway 633, to the junction of highway 55. Rehabilitation will also take place along highway 663, through Colinton to the junction of highway 827.

Alberta Legislature Building Restoration - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Alberta-Legislature-Building-Restoration/3902
The project will restore the 106-year-old Alberta Legislature Building. The project scope includes the restoration and repair of the sandstone cladding and windows.

The project will begin in the southwest corner, followed by the southeast [Read More]

Highline Mushrooms Growing Facility - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Highline-Mushrooms-Growing-Facility/3907
The facility will expand the mushroom growing capacity at their location near Highway 2, south of Highway 72. The $20M investment will create 120 new jobs in the Crossfield region.

Sage Hill Drive Apartment Complex - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Sage-Hill-Drive-Apartment-Complex/3896
The project aims to construct a 6 storey, 98 unit apartment complex, that will include a daycare at ground level, and underground parking. This marks phase 1 of the development, with subsequent phases anticipated to follow.

Roadwork - 18862 - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Roadwork-18862/3899
The project will rehabilitate Highway 43 between Whitecourt and Mayerthorpe.

Ecole Joseph-Moreau - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Ecole-Joseph-Moreau/3908
The new Ecole Joseph-Moreau will be 5,865 square meters in size and be able to accommodate 500 students between grades 7-9.

Huntsville School Replacement - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Huntsville-School-Replacement/3897
The project will work to replace the current Huntsville School, which was built in 1941. The new school will feature solar panels, an expanded gym, CTS space, and expanded classrooms.

Ecole Pere Kenneth Kearns Catholic School Modernization - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Ecole-Pere-Kenneth-Kearns-Catholic-School-Modernization/3895
The project will work to renovate and modernize the nearly 30,000 square foot school that was built in 1967. There will also be a 6,500 square foot addition to the school to accommodate the nearly 250 students.

ACAW Office Space - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/ACAW-Office-Space/3911
The project will build a new office/retail building off 123rd Avenue, east of 154 Street in Edmonton. The building will be occupied by Alberta Carpenters & Allied Workers (ACAW) employees.

The George Apartment Complex - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/The-George-Apartment-Complex/3910
Construction of a 4 storey, 50 unit rental apartment complex in Queen Mary Park.

Brighton Block Redevelopment - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Brighton-Block-Redevelopment/3909
Mixed-use office and retail space will be available in the redeveloped historic Brighton Block. The building was originally built in 1911-1912.

The Clayton Affordable Housing Complex - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/The-Clayton-Affordable-Housing-Complex/3903
Affordable housing complex on the 7000 block of Bowness. The complex will be able to house 30 vulnerable Calgarians upon completion.

Under Construction

4 projects with a combined value of $284.2M are now under construction for the month of August 2019

Highway 15 Twinning - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Highway-15-Twinning/2853
Plans call for the twinning of Highway 15 bridge near Fort Saskatchewan, along with intersection improvements at Highway 37, and Highway 825. Project is projected to cost up to $200M. Construction has commenced in the summer of 2019. For more [Read More]

Whistlers Campground Rebuild - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Whistlers-Campground-Rebuild/3878
The project will rebuild and modernize the 781 sites at Whistlers Campground, including wider roads, upgraded water, wastewater, and electrical, along with 17 new washroom and shower facilities.

Montney Water Disposal Network - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Montney-Water-Disposal-Network/3865
Construction of a water disposal pipeline network that will include multiple water disposal wells, and a centralized water injection facility pipeline connected to the producer’s production facilities.

Brule Community Hall Replacement - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Brule-Community-Hall-Replacement/3891
Construction of an 8,500 square foot community hall to replace the ageing hall in Brule. The new hall will be able to accommodate events with up to 250 people.


8 projects with a combined value of $383.5M have been completed for the month of August 2019

Water Technology Development Centre - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Water-Technology-Development-Centre/3628
Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance brought the idea for Water Technology Development Centre together and Suncor partnered with CNRL, Devon, Nexen, Shell and Husky to fund it.

It will allow operators to test drive more water conservation [Read More]

CFB Edmonton Health Sciences Centre - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/CFB-Edmonton-Health-Sciences-Centre/375
Two-storey building to feature modern medical services for armed forces members, located at the CFB Edmonton Base.

Norquest College Heritage Tower Restack and Renewal - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Norquest-College-Heritage-Tower-Restack-and-Renewal/2034
Restack & renovation of Norquest College, in coordination with the new Singhmar Centre for Learning.

Veritas Apartments - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Veritas-Apartments/3672
Construction of Veritas Apartments will consist of building one which will contain 51 units, and building two which will contain 43 units, for a total of 94 units.

Central Tower at Century Park - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Central-Tower-at-Century-Park/3560
Construction of an 18 storey residential building, which will serve the rental market. Project aims to create 176 residential rental units, and two floors of heated underground parking with 233 parking stalls. Total space will reach 150,000 square [Read More]

Crossfield Waterline Twinning - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Crossfield-Waterline-Twinning/3484
Waterline twinning from Midline Reservoir to Crossfield to provide additional water capacity and supply.

Roadwork - 181541 - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Roadwork-181541/3733
Roadwork and intersection upgrades around the Edmonton region, along Highways 2, 216, 623, 625, 814, 616, 21, and 14 (along with additional range roads).

WestPark Middle School Replacement - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/WestPark-Middle-School-Replacement/2526
Construction of a new grade 6-8 school, replacing the current WestPark Middle School. The school is aiming for LEED silver and will accommodate 500 students upon completion. The school is part of the Red Deer Public School District.


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