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Major Project Updates for the Month of June 2019

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Major Project Updates for the Month of June 2019

A monthly update of recently added, under construction, and completed projects in the Alberta Major Projects Inventory.


Recently Added

16 projects were recently added with a combined value of $587.2M for the month of July 2019

Grosvenor 1520 Mixed Use Development - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Grosvenor-1520-Mixed-Use-Development/3872
The project will construct 3 towers. The first tower will be a renovation of a 10 storey, 107,000 square foot office building. The subsequent phase will consist of two residential towers that contain a combined 548 units, along with commercial space [Read More]

Wheatland Wind Project - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Wheatland-Wind-Project/2524
The project will consist of 36 wind turbines with a capacity of 122.4Mw. The wind turbines, which use Senvion technology, will connect to the grid through 34.5 kV lines to the Badlands Substation.

Nordic Spa - Parkland County - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Nordic-Spa-Parkland-County/3867
Construction of a Nordic Spa in the Edmonton region. The location within Parkland County has not been specified. There are two Nordic spas currently proposed in the Edmonton region.

Whistlers Campground Rebuild - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Whistlers-Campground-Rebuild/3878
The project will rebuild and modernize the 781 sites at Whistlers Campground, including wider roads, upgraded water, wastewater, and electrical, along with 17 new washroom and shower facilities.

121 West Residences - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/121-West-Residences/3327
10 storey apartment building that will contain 396 suites, along with 2 floors of underground parking.

Royal Glenora Club Modernization - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Royal-Glenora-Club-Modernization/3873
The project will modernize the Royal Glenora Club space, and build out new amenity spaces.

Montney Water Disposal Network - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Montney-Water-Disposal-Network/3865
Construction of a water disposal pipeline network that will include multiple water disposal wells, and a centralized water injection facility pipeline connected to the producer’s production facilities.

Edmonton Downtown Park - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Edmonton-Downtown-Park/3864
The City of Edmonton is spending up to $28M to turn a number of vacant parking lots into park space. The park will measure 1.25 hectares upon completion.

Dale Hodges Park - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Dale-Hodges-Park/3877
Remediation of a former gravel pit, and transformation into a park, to be known as Dale Hodges Park.

Artis in Greenwich - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Artis-in-Greenwich/3876
Construction of 77 townhomes spread between 13 building with the new Greenwich neighbourhood.

Castlebrook Greens Apartment Buildings - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Castlebrook-Greens-Apartment-Buildings/3870
Construction of a 235 unit complex, known as Castlebrook Greens. The complex will consist of four buildings that are all fours storeys tall.

All trades have been secured.

Chinook 58 Commercial - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Chinook-58-Commercial/3874
Construction of 6 new commercial and retail buildings that will contain over 100,000 square feet. trades secured by invitation.

Roadwork - 20534 - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Roadwork-20534/3869
Roadwork to repave a section of Highway 670 from east of Highway 749 to Highway 750.

West Edmonton Renal Dialysis Clinic - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/West-Edmonton-Renal-Dialysis-Clinic/3868
The project will convert warehouse space into a health clinic. Interior and exterior alterations include re-configuring front entrance on the east elevation, extending second floor, 1 new condensing unit on the roof. The clinic will be operated by [Read More]

The Pinnacle at Kincora Phase 3 - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/The-Pinnacle-at-Kincora-Phase-3/3871
Construction of a new multi-family residential development in north-west Calgary, known as The Pinnacle at Kincora (Phase 3, Building C). The building will feature 40 suites within four above-grade floors.

Monticello Condominiums - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Monticello-Condominiums/3866
Rebuild of the Monticello Condos in the Blue Quill Neighbourhood of Edmonton after a fire destroyed the building in 2018.

Under Construction

10 projects with a combined value of $116.5M are now under construction for the month of July 2019

Lilydale Chicken Processing Plant - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Lilydale-Chicken-Processing-Plant/3856
Construction of a 268,000 square foot chicken processing facility. Project is being developed by Sofina Foods, with poultry provided to Lilydale.

Northern Lakes College High Prairie Campus Consolidation - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Northern-Lakes-College-High-Prairie-Campus-Consolidation/3535
Project will include the demolition, site work, and the construction of a new centralized 30,000 square foot building to house the Northern Lakes College. New building will include classroom space, a medical lab, testing centre, trades lab, and [Read More]

Roxy Theatre Rebuild - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Roxy-Theatre-Rebuild/3651
The project will reconstruct the Roxy Theatre, which was destroyed in a fire in 2015. The rebuild will include a 200-seat main theatre, a smaller theatre with seating for up to 100 people, and will also include a rehearsal hall. The Government of [Read More]

St. Paul Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/St-Paul-Wastewater-Treatment-Plant-Upgrades/3599
Upgrades to the St. Paul Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Sylvan Lake North Water Reservoir - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Sylvan-Lake-North-Water-Reservoir/3632
This project's design will support the town with a water capacity to support a population of 30,000 people. Currently, the system can only support 18,000 people.

Rabbit Hill Road Widening - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Rabbit-Hill-Road-Widening/3848
The project will widen Rabbit Hill Road in Edmonton from Anthony Henday Drive to Mactaggart Drive.

170 Street Bridge Rehabilitation (CN Rail Bissell Yard) - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/170-Street-Bridge-Rehabilitation-CN-Rail-Bissell-Yard/3847
The project will rehabilitate the northbound bridge where 170th street in Edmonton crosses the CN Rail Bissell Yard .

Westbrook Mall Walmart Renovations - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Westbrook-Mall-Walmart-Renovations/3836
Renovations to the existing Westbrook Mall Walmart, that measures approximately 182,000 square feet.

Bonaventure and Youngstown Industrial Foam and Overlay - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Bonaventure-and-Youngstown-Industrial-Foam-and-Overlay/3849
This project will include excavation, commercial crossing concrete work, and full depth reclamation with foamed asphalt in the Bonaventure and Youngstown Industrial areas.

Redwater Centre Commercial & Office Building - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Redwater-Centre-Commercial-Office-Building/3851
The project will construct an 11,000 square foot retail development that will house seven retail bays. There will also be an 11,000 square foot office component that will contain 11 offices.


8 projects with a combined value of $566.5M have been completed for the month of July 2019

Red Deer Area Transmission Development - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Red-Deer-Area-Transmission-Development/648
This project is a four stage upgrade of the Red Deer area transmission system involving stage 1 substation upgrades in the Red Deer area, stage 2 rebuild in Red Deer, stage 3 new substations and lines in Ponoka, Innisfail, and Didsbury areas, and [Read More]

Edmonton Police Service Northwest Campus - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Edmonton-Police-Service-Northwest-Campus/134
Construction of a 180,000 sq ft one-story above grade fire / police facility. Projected completion for Q2 2019.

Terra Quantum Medical Cannabis Facility - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Terra-Quantum-Medical-Cannabis-Facility/3664
Plans call for the construction of a 230,000 square foot facility, near their existing facility in Olds. This new development will increase capacity to 35,000 kg per year

Savona Condominiums West Building - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Savona-Condominiums-West-Building/2707
Phase 1 of the Savona residential development includes the construction of the west building that will feature 51 condo units, and a 2 level underground parkade.

The TraX - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/The-TraX/3589
Plans call for the construction of a 100,000 square foot, 6-storey above grade residential development that will feature 100 residential condos, retail space, and a 94 space parking garage.

Windermere South - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Windermere-South/3726
Windermere South is an upcoming retail development. The first building will measure 10,881 square feet in size, and be one storey.

Roadwork - 14469 - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Roadwork-14469/3458
Roadwork, bridge deconstruction & construction of highway 40 bridge crossing the Smoky River.

Hostel International Jasper - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Hostel-International-Jasper/3399
Construction of a new, 157 bed hostel in Jasper. This will be a relocation project, as the existing facility outside of town has become outdated and no longer meets the needs of the organization. Completion is set for Spring 2019.

The main lodge [Read More]


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