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Major Project Updates for the Month of October 2018

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Major Project Updates for the Month of October 2018

A monthly update of recently added, under construction, and completed projects in the Alberta Major Projects Inventory.


Recently Added

16 projects were recently added with a combined value of $3.3B for the month of October 2018

Methanol Manufacturing Facility - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Methanol-Manufacturing-Facility/3748
The proposed facility would produce 3 million metric tonnes of methanol annually while using 300M cubic feet of natural gas per day. The project will support 1,000 construction jobs and 200 permanent jobs in the area. The proposed site is 10 [Read More]

Chapel Rock to Pincher Creek Area Transmission Development - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Chapel-Rock-to-Pincher-Creek-Area-Transmission-Development/3757
The project will create a new 240 kV transmission line between 35-47 km long connection a new substation called the Chapel Rock Substation to the Goose Lake Substation, or the Castle Rock Substation.

The Chapel Rock Substation will connect the [Read More]

Currie Barracks Town Centre Redevelopment - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Currie-Barracks-Town-Centre-Redevelopment/3746
Mixed use development on the federal Currie Barracks land near Mount Royal University. Development will contain office, retail, and residential components. Canada Lands Corporation has partnered with Embassy Bossa for this project.

Currie Greens - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Currie-Greens/3747
Mixed-use project that will add a combination of condos and an assisted living facility. A total of 431 units will be added.

Dominion Bridge in Ramsay - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Dominion-Bridge-in-Ramsay/3754
Proposed mixed use development on 11 acres of land. Project is currently on hold.

EI Condor Chinatown Development - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/EI-Condor-Chinatown-Development/3752
Construction of a mixed use development in Calgary's Chinatown. The project proposes two 28 storey towers that will include residential, hotel, and retail space.

Three Creeks Power Plant - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Three-Creeks-Power-Plant/3749
Details include the construction of a 100 MW natural gas power plant, after securing commitments from oil and gas companies in the region. Electricity generated from the project could power nearly 90,000 homes while reducing emissions by more than [Read More]

BMO Building Redevelopment - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/BMO-Building-Redevelopment/3753
Proposed 50 storey building on the site of the former 6 storey BMO building in downtown Edmonton. The proposed building will feature 371 residential units, a 168 room hotel, and commercial and retail space on the ground level.

Reynolds Alberta Museum Collections Facility East - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Reynolds-Alberta-Museum-Collections-Facility-East/3751
This project may create up to 107,000 sq ft of new museum space on the east end of the museum. The new space will provide storage space for nearly 130 aircrafts and other artifacts, archive space, document storage space, a multipurpose room, and [Read More]

Beaumont Sport and Recreation Centre - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Beaumont-Sport-and-Recreation-Centre/3741
According to the Town of Beaumont, the new Beaumont Sport and Recreation Centre Project is an expansion and modernization of the existing Aqua-Fit Centre to include a National Hockey League sized ice surface, an indoor fieldhouse (multi-sport [Read More]

Charis Village Seniors Housing Project - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Charis-Village-Seniors-Housing-Project/3750
A project that will ultimately house independent, assisted care, and long-term care seniors in Lamcombe. Phase 1 will consist of 20 duplex units, and 46 apartment units.

Air Canada Cargo and Support Facility - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Air-Canada-Cargo-and-Support-Facility/3756
Construction of a 50,000 square foot facility that will house Air Canada's ground support equipment and cargo teams at the Edmonton International Airport. Cargo will take up 20,000 square feet, while 30,000 square feet will be dedicated to [Read More]

Holiday Inn Express - Windermere Gate - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Holiday-Inn-Express-Windermere-Gate/3742
Construction of a 107 room, known at the Holiday Inn Express that will be located in the new Windermere Gate area of south Edmonton. Development will include underground parkade.

Rosenau Transportation, Cross Dock Building - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Rosenau-Transportation-Cross-Dock-Building/3743
Construction of a cross-dock building connecting an existing terminal building and warehouse building.

Dentons Law Firm Interior Office Fit Up - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Dentons-Law-Firm-Interior-Office-Fit-Up/3745
Interior fit up of floors 24-26 in the Stantec Tower for Dentons Law Firm.

Banff National Park Highway 1 Rehabilitation and Barrier Repairs - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Banff-National-Park-Highway-1-Rehabilitation-and-Barrier-Repairs/3755
Overlay paving and barrier rehabilitation on the Trans-Canada Hiughway in Banff National Park

Under Construction

6 projects with a combined value of $344.5M are now under construction for the month of October 2018

Fort Edmonton Park Expansion - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Fort-Edmonton-Park-Expansion/761
The Fort Edmonton Park expansion will include an expansion of the Selkirk Hotel, Midway expansion and Indigenous People"s Experience, as well as utility upgrades. A new admissions area will be built and the current admissions area reclaimed as an [Read More]

Londonderry Affordable Housing Redevelopment - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Londonderry-Affordable-Housing-Redevelopment/3443
The Londonderry affordable housing redevelopment consists of two-storey townhomes on the ground floor and one-to three-bedroom apartments above for a total of 240 affordable housing units in north Edmonton. These units would replace the 80 aging [Read More]

Stadium Shopping Centre Development - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Stadium-Shopping-Centre-Development/3621
Project includes the redevelopment of the Stadium Shopping Centre, along with the a 189 unit hotel component.

Autumn Glen Lodge Upgrades / Modernization - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Autumn-Glen-Lodge-Upgrades-Modernization/434
The Autumn Glen Lodge is proposed to be built in three phases. Includes 60 rooms and 30 self-contained units totalling 74,000 square feet on 5.74 acres.

9th Avenue SE Bridge - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/9th-Avenue-SE-Bridge/3654
Construction of the 9th Avenue bridge, over the Elbow River. The bridge will feature 2 lanes in each direction.

Lake Louise Campground Upgrades - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Lake-Louise-Campground-Upgrades/3723
Upgrades to the Lake Louise Campground include a playground and athletic field, upgrades of electrical capacity to 30A to 50A at sites 1-34, 72-97, and 136-189, along with the replacement of all electrical cables, transformers, and control cabinets.


15 projects with a combined value of $357.1M have been completed for the month of October 2018

Sundial Growers Marijuana Facility - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Sundial-Growers-Marijuana-Facility/3504
Full development will cost $110M for a 30 acre development, that will measure 405,000 sq. ft.

Phase 1 will include construction of a 112,000 sq ft greenhouse on 10 acres of land. Anticipated groundbreaking is Q3 2017, with a goal to be [Read More]

Brewery District (Molson Site Redevelopment) - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Brewery-District-Molson-Site-Redevelopment/105
Complex will consist of house retail, grocery store, office space, restaurants. Anchor tenants Loblaws City Market, Goodlife Fitness, Shoppers Drugmart & MEC.

Paterson Grain Terminal - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Paterson-Grain-Terminal/1960
Paterson Grain Terminal is proposed to be a 207 acres and process up to 35,000 metric tonnes of grain.

Rocky View County Municipal Building - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Rocky-View-County-Municipal-Building/145
Construction of a county hall builind to accommodate 250 work stations.

Grasslands Logistics Centre - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Grasslands-Logistics-Centre/3620
Construction of a 215,000 square foot, six-unit warehouse and distribution facility in southeast Calgary.

Alberta Green Biotech Medical Marijuana Facility - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Alberta-Green-Biotech-Medical-Marijuana-Facility/3533
Interior and exterior alteration to an existing building, to facilitate the transition into a medical marijuana lab. Building permit #166679983-006 was issued on October 4, 2017.

Roadwork - 17493 - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Roadwork-17493/3522
Roadwork to include widening and resurfacing of the Queen Elizabeth Highway 2 between 41st Avenue SW, and Highway 19.

Roadwork - 02810 - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Roadwork-02810/3686
Plans call for paving of highway 35 north of Slavey Creek, to Steen River in the summer of 2018.

Edmonton Soccer Dome - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Edmonton-Soccer-Dome/3536
Construction of an air-supported structure for indoor soccer programming. It will be the first full-sized indoor soccer field in the City of Edmonton. It will be 152 metres long, 82 metres wide, and 25 metres tall. Completion is set for early 2018.

Cochrane Wastewater Capacity Upgrades - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Cochrane-Wastewater-Capacity-Upgrades/3514
Project will work to meet the demands of the growing population of Cochrane. Budget has jumped from $4.9M to $6.3M.

Bike Route - Strathcona Garneau - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Bike-Route-Strathcona-Garneau/3461
Construction on dedicated bike lanes on 83 Avenue & 106 Street in Edmonton. Construction will take 2 building seasons,

Queen Elizabeth Park Enhancements - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Queen-Elizabeth-Park-Enhancements/2774
Phase 2 redevelopment of Queen Elizabeth Park. The redevelopment will include shared use paths, a new parking lot, picnic area, commemorative wall, and an outdoor Indigenous Art Park

84th Avenue Condos - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/84th-Avenue-Condos/3480
Construction of a 4 storey, 36 unit condo buildings. Building permit was granted May 9th, 2017.

Wildwood Affordable Housing - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/Wildwood-Affordable-Housing/3392
Wildwood Affordable Housing project consist of 3 residential buildings.

TownSquare Camrose - https://majorprojects.alberta.ca/details/TownSquare-Camrose/3617
Project includes one three-storey building with nine apartment-style units, seven free-standing smart homes and four live/work buildings.


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