Investor Trip Guide

Welcome to Calgary, Alberta for the Calgary Stampede 2023. We look forward to your stay in the city and wish you a successful trip here in Alberta. Please use this webpage as an insider for resources during your visit. 

The Calgary Stampede is a one-of-a-kind experience that brings business, culture and entertainment to the city for 10 days of action-packed activities. Get roped in on the action to build connections and discover new opportunities in Alberta – you won’t want to miss this uniquely Canadian experience!

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Why Alberta

With some of the world’s most livable cities, the great outdoors, a diverse entrepreneurial community and the most business friendly policies in North America, you really can have it all in Alberta. 

Things You Should Know

Dress Code/ Attire Standards
  • Western inspired attire is encouraged for activities related to the Calgary Stampede.
  • For business endeavours, business casual (dress shirts/blouses, trousers, etc.) is acceptable; however, western inspired wear is standard at events (jeans, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, bolo ties etc.).
  • More examples of western wear include jeans, jean jackets, collared plaid shirts, cowboy hats/boots, bolo ties, summer dress for women etc.
  • The weather can be quite hot and sunny during the day and much cooler later in the evenings.
  • Rain in Alberta can be unpredictable, it is recommended to check the weather network and prepare to bring a rain jacket.
Calgary Stampede Rodeo

The Calgary Stampede Rodeo is an event that captures the Canadian “western” spirit to the fullest. Competitors across the world take part in a series of challenges that test their skills, grit, and expertise throughout multiple rodeo disciplines. Learn more.

Prohibited Items at Stampede
  • Bags and backpacks are permitted at the Stampede grounds; although, they may be subject to a security check upon entrance.
  • Items such as alcohol, hand tools, and bikes are prohibited inside the Stampede Park. A full list of prohibited items can be found here: Stampede Park Terms of Entry | Calgary Stampede
  • Public parking is available at $25 for day use, with multiple lots available on the north side of the Stampede Park (Lots 8, 10, and 20). More information can be found here: Parking & Transportation | Calgary Stampede | July 7-16, 2023
  • It is encouraged to use a ride sharing app or cab service – further information is available in the contacts section of this page.

Places to Eat & Drink

Calgary is a city with a vibrant and diverse food culture. With many great options around the city, it can be hard to narrow down your options! To help make your choice easier, we compiled a list of food and drink recommendations. Most locations are downtown, making them easy to access!

Please note that IAC is not partnered or affiliated with any of the following businesses. Listed in alphabetical order.


Downtown Calgary – Key Locations

Things to do During Stampede

Calgary is saddling-up for Stampede 2023. Get in on the action with the top things to do during Stampede.

Please note to experience all activities on the grounds an admissions pass must be purchased before or at the entry gates.

Festival Grounds

Listen to live music, rodeo entertainment and much more on the Stampede grounds.

Rodeo Events

Experience the world’s best rodeo competitors in six different events at the Calgary Stampede.

Evening Show

Join the excitement of the Chuckwagons at the Calgary Stampede to watch competitors battle for a grand prize.

Live Music

New artists are featured every night at multiple Stampede themed venues on the grounds, as well as throughout the city.

Music on the grounds
Heritage & First Nations’ Culture

Visit the 26 tipis featured at Elbow River Camp to experience Alberta’s Indigenous cultures.

Elbow River Camp
Western Oasis – Art and Wine

Features a mix of art and culture, with live music and a specialty wine garden for a relaxing experience.

Western Oasis
Elevated Stampede Food

New midway foods are coming in hot this year! Get a little taste of Stampede with unique foods inspired from around the world.

Featured Foods

Things to do around Calgary

Calgary has an array of activities throughout the city and downtown. Explore the city with our recommended top five things to do around Calgary.

These items are recommendations to enjoy during your stay and are not affiliated as part of the investor visit.

Stephen (8th) Avnue

Stephen Ave is located in the heart of Calgary’s business district. Join the business-culture of the Calgary Stampede and book your lunch and dinner meetings at one of the street’s restaurants.

Explore the City!

Calgary offers a wide variety of activities to tailor your experience. While you’re in the city, consider exploring some of the city’s staple locations.

Visit Calgary
Shopping at the Core

Get in Stampede style at Calgary’s top shopping destinations downtown.

Visit Core

Discover one of the Calgary Stampede’s giant YAHOO signs placed around the city. Over the last few years, the YAHOO signs have become a staple of the Calgary Stampede.

Prince’s Island Park and Peace Bridge

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon by the river at Prince’s Island Park and get some pictures at Calgary’s Peace Bridge.

Visit Park


For additional questions or support please email

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the dates for Calgary Stampede 2023?
The 2023 Calgary Stampede runs from Friday, July 7 to Sunday, July 16.

Where can I purchase tickets for the Rodeo, Evening Shows of Live Music?
Please see section “Things to do during Stampede” for a links to tickets and information about all events and shows during the 10 days. Or, use the link here.

Is there available office space for potential business meetings?
Yes, please connect with Invest Alberta at for information on available meeting space and support with bookings. Please note the sooner we are contacted, the more likely we will be able to accommodate your request.

Where is a good location for business lunches and dinners?
Please see section “Places to Eat” for restaurant recommendations. Or, contact Invest Alberta at for recommendations and/or support booking a reservation.

What is the recommended mode of transportation in Calgary?
Calgary only has one ride-sharing company, Uber, and various cab companies. Please see “Contacts” for more information. For shuttling information, please contact Invest Alberta at

What is the proper dress code/attire for the Calgary Stampede and other Stampede business related events in the city?
Please see section “Things you Should Know” at the top of the webpage for more information on dress codes and attire.

What to expect in Calgary During Stampede?
Stampede season in Calgary is one of the busiest times of the year in the city. The streets are buzzing with music, culture and more. Please be aware that travel in Calgary’s downtown during the 10 days will be slow, ensure to plan your travel times ahead of schedule for important meetings or events.

Roaming the streets in your cowboy inspired attire is part of the culture during Stampede. Join the fun and get yourself a cowboy hat or belt buckle. For more information about Stampede inspired activities in the city during the festivities, please see section, “Things to do During Stampede” and “Things to do around Calgary”.

Important Contact Information:

Invest Alberta:


  • Urgent Police, Ambulance or Fire: 911
  • Non-emergency Police (non urgent): 1-403-428-6200

Ride-Sharing & Taxis: 

Thank you to our local vendors for their contribution to making our Calgary Stampede event a success this year.