Destination Alberta

Destination Alberta

With Alberta’s wealth of iconic attractions, unique events, diverse destinations, strong visitation and modern infrastructure, this is a province where tourism thrives.

Destination Alberta

With Alberta’s wealth of iconic attractions, unique events, diverse destinations, strong visitation and modern infrastructure, this is a province where tourism thrives.

Tourism is one of Alberta’s key industries and a growing contributor to the provincial economy, generating more than 36 million visits and more than $8 billion in annual tourism expenditures.

Our spectacular surroundings, strong economy, business-friendly environment, and commitment to growing our tourism sector, makes Alberta an ideal place to invest. The Government of Alberta offers investors access to resources, programs and services as they look to develop new and enhanced tourism experiences and destinations.

in 2017 in Alberta, there were $8.9 billion in tourism expenditures and 36. million person-visits


Become a part of Alberta’s thriving tourism industry

Northern Lights


Iconic, diverse destinations and
experiences that attract millions

Alberta is the gateway to the Canadian Rockies. Our province is home to six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as the world-renowned Jasper, Banff and Waterton Lakes national parks. Visitors are drawn to Alberta’s diverse landscape, which ranges from rugged mountains and picturesque foothills to the spectacular Badlands in the south and majestic forests in the north. 

in 2019, 7.1 million tourists visited banff, jasper, and waterton national parks
Source: Alberta Tourism Market Monitor, 2019


Alberta is also well known for its festivals and events such as the Calgary Stampede and Edmonton International Fringe Festival, and offers a diversity of attractions, including the Royal Tyrell Museum, one of the world’s best dinosaur museums, and West Edmonton Mall, North America’s largest mall.

Population on the rise

The provinces’ young, growing and multicultural population of 4.4 million people with a high disposable income, creates opportunities for tourism operators from around the world to invest, set up their business, grow and succeed in Alberta.

Vibrant cities and modern infrastructure

Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta’s two major cities, have metro populations in excess of one million people.

The province is supported by modern and well-maintained transportation infrastructure, including an extensive highway system that extends throughout the entire province and international airports located in Calgary, Edmonton, and Fort McMurray.

Alberta’s international airports reach major cities in North America, Europe and Asia, bringing visitors from the U.S., Mexico, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Japan and China. 


$358 million in major tourism projects valued at over $5 million in 2019

Source: Alberta Tourism Market Monitor, 2019

1.8% growth in passenger volume at alberta's main international airports between 2018 and 2019

Source: Alberta Tourism Market Monitor, 2019


2017  Tourism Expenditure and Visitation in Alberta by Market

Country Tourism Expenditure Person-visits
Canada $6.8B 34.9M
United States $847M 941,000
United Kingdom $188M 157,000
China $172M 140,000
Japan $132M 73,000
Australia $116M 95,000
Germany $109M 98,000
South Korea* $58M 58,000
The Netherlands $41M 43,000
Mexico* $23M 21,000
*Small sample size. Data contain a high margin of error and are subject to significant year-over-year fluctuations.
Source: Statistics Canada, International Travel Survey and Travel Survey of Residents of Canada; Research Resolutions and Consulting

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