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With Alberta’s wealth of iconic attractions, unique events, diverse destinations, strong visitation and modern infrastructure, this is a province where investment in tourism can thrive.

Tourism is big business – and not only in Alberta. The federal government estimates that tourism contributes as much to Canada’s wealth as agriculture, fishery and forestry combined. The Government of Alberta recognizes the important role that tourism plays in the provincial economy. We are committed to supporting industry growth through providing investors with programs and services focused on facilitating the development of new and enhanced tourism experiences and destinations.

Today, tourism is one of the key industries in the province, generating more than 34 million visits and more than $8 billion in annual tourism expenditures.

tourism expenditures and person-visits

Alberta’s modern infrastructure and iconic destinations make it an attractive place for visitors from Canada and the world.

Iconic, Diverse Destinations

Alberta is nearly twice the size of Germany or Japan. Its diverse landscape ranges from the rugged Canadian Rocky Mountains, picturesque foothills, parkland, seemingly endless prairies to the spectacular Badlands and majestic northern forests, along with lakes and rivers.

Five of Canada’s 18 UNESCO Heritage Sites are located in Alberta. The province is home to the world renowned Jasper, Banff and Waterton Lakes national parks. Alberta has a rich diversity of attractions and annual events such as the Calgary Stampede, the International Fringe Festival and museums, including the world renowned Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology and Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump.

6.9 tourists visited Banff, Jasper and Waterton national parks in 2016

  • Canada was named Best Travel Destination by Lonely Planet Guide in 2017
  • In 2017, Banff, Alberta was named Best of the World destination by National Geographic Traveler magazine


Modern Infrastructure

Its two major cities are Edmonton and Calgary, both of which have metro populations in excess of one million people. The province is supported with a modern and well-maintained transportation infrastructure, including an extensive highway system that extends throughout the entire province and international airports located in Calgary, Edmonton, and Fort McMurray. Alberta’s international airports reach major cities in North America, Europe and Asia, bringing visitors from the U.S., Mexico, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Japan and China.


Economic impact of Alberta tourism
2016 traveller-expenditure and person-visits

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