May 11, 2022


Invest Alberta leadership update

May 11, 2022 – Invest Alberta announces an executive team focused on operational excellence and seamless service delivery to investors.

Lynette Tremblay has been named the organization’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and will oversee all investor services and investment attraction activities, including our domestic and international teams. Lynette has been with Invest Alberta since Summer 2021 serving as Vice President of Investor Services. Lynette has been helping attract investment into Alberta for several years, previously serving as Vice President of Strategy and Innovation with Edmonton Global and, before that, working for Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association.

Jasmine Nuthall has been named Invest Alberta’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and will oversee Finance and Administration, including Invest Alberta’s accounting, legal, contracts and information technology and human resources departments. Nuthall, who has CMA, CFE and MBA designations, joined Invest Alberta in early 2022 as Vice President, Finance and Administration. She previously served as CFO for the Bissell Centre and spent eight years working in economic development and finance with the Government of Alberta.

These changes and the executive team, led by CEO Rick Christiaanse, are focused on developing Invest Alberta as Canada’s most agile, innovative, and business-focused provincial investment agency.

Global investment markets and trends shift quickly, and Invest Alberta is matching that pace to ensure investors are supported by a nimble and responsive partner, offering the services they need and want. New updates to our executive structure will make Invest Alberta a more effective, valuable and competitive investment partner in our home province and key global markets.

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