Alberta is growing an economy as diverse as its landscape

High level bridge, Lethbridge, Alberta.

Travel Alberta photo by Roth and Ramberg

Alberta may be one of the world’s largest energy producer, the new economy is fuelled by innovations across multiple key sectors.

A highly educated workforce, world class research & development ecosystem, stable banking system and global connectivity have helped the province establish itself in emerging sectors like technology, financial services, tourism, aviation and logistics. Continued investment in the areas of energy and clean tech, petrochemicals and agriculture are ensuring that Alberta’s economy is as diverse as its landscapes.

Key Sectors

Grow your food business in Alberta

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Aviation & Logistics

Meet global demands with Alberta’s world-class infrastructure

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Energy & Cleantech

Power the world with Alberta’s expertise in energy and cleantech

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Financial Services

Establish your financial firm in Alberta

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Diversify your petrochemical products in Alberta

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Lead Alberta’s digital transformation

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Alberta welcomes the world


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