Data Centers

With the latest technologies for small to large projects, Alberta is your place for a variety of data centers. Alberta is also the only deregulated electricity market in Canada, meaning we have some of the lowest electricity prices in North America.

Benefit from a low cost jurisdiction, reliable energy sources
and strong connectivity.

Low Cost

  • Wholesale power prices have averaged between $18/MWh and $34/MWh since 2015. Current low energy prices represent an opportunity to lock into low long-term rates
    • Competitive priced renewable energy; recent competition averaged $37/MWh for power from renewable energy sources
  • Minimal cooling cost – cool and dry climate minimizes the use of air conditioning to less than 10% of the year. When heating and/or cooling is needed, natural gas supplies are abundant, reliable, and low cost.
Cell Tower

Strong Connectivity

  • Robust telecommunications network and excellent dark/lit fibre capacity
  • Ample network coverage
  • High speed, low latency for efficient user experience and faster transfer of critical data

Reliable Cost

  • Alberta boasts a very stable electricity grid with major transmission system upgrades in recent year
  • Plenty of experience with many industrial loads
An engineer coneecting fibre cables

Alberta’s Innovation Ecosystem

Alberta has an emerging innovation ecosystem. The province is a growing hub for VR, AI, and a growing leader in unmanned vehicles.

Explore More

Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (amii)


Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (amii)

amii attracts technology-focused companies and researchers from around the world who choose Alberta as a place to invest in technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning so they can be more competitive.

Google DeepMind


Google DeepMind

Google’s DeepMind is the world leader in artificial intelligence research and its application for positive impact. DeepMind opened its first ever-international AI research office in Alberta, in close collaboration with the University of Alberta.

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