February 15, 2023


Global technology leader Applexus opens Canadian HQ in Alberta 

Calgary, Alberta – Applexus Technologies, a global leader in digital innovation, announced today it will invest $3 million to establish its Canadian headquarters in Calgary with plans to create 125 new local jobs over the next five years.  

Founded in 2005, Applexus operates worldwide, with offices in North America, the United Kingdom, India, and Sri Lanka. The company offers transformational business consulting services to help clients manage SAP solutions software that, according to SAP, 99 of the 100 largest companies in the world use to manage their business processes. 

A $1.43 million grant from the Government of Alberta’s Investment Growth Fund helped Alberta edge out a competing jurisdiction. The fund is a unique incentive to support well-established, financially sound companies that are considering a comparable location to choose Alberta as their investment home.  

Applexus worked closely with Calgary Economic Development and Invest Alberta in its decision to expand to the Calgary region. As part of its expansion, Applexus will help upskill local talent, including new graduates, in the latest SAP technologies, which will bolster Alberta’s position as a global leader in technology and innovation.  

With plans to create more than one hundred jobs, Applexus will contribute to Alberta’s growing tech community, attracting talent and strengthening the region’s skilled talent pipeline to scale to the size of its ambitions.  

Recognized as an innovative, globally connected city, Calgary’s strategic location provides Applexus with competitive access to clients around the world. Home to the highest head office concentration per capita in Canada and one of North America’s most well-connected airports, Calgary is an international business hub with more than 87 direct routes to the Americas, Europe, and Japan. Calgary is also home to the highest percentage of post-secondary graduates with STEM degrees of any Canadian city. 

Alberta is building a reputation for attracting financial investments that make a meaningful impact on our province. Through the Applexus Foundation, the company has committed to invest 10 per cent of its profits into the communities it serves. This will help enhance Alberta’s social framework while strengthening our province’s expanding environmental, social, and governance brand. 

Applexus is actively looking for space in the Calgary downtown core and have begun the hiring process. The company currently has four employees at its new Canadian headquarters and will be hiring more in the coming weeks. 


“The IGF is an Alberta-made approach to attract business outside the province, and incentivize them to seriously consider the many advantages of doing business in Alberta. These incentives include low corporate taxes, a skilled and educated workforce, and easy access to international markets. We are thrilled that the IGF helped seal the deal for Applexus to set up shop in Calgary, helping further strengthen Alberta’s technology sector and create many new jobs.”  

  • Minister Rajan Sawhney, Trade, Immigration and Multiculturalism 

“The IGF award enables us to expand our presence in the country and bring new jobs to the region which will positively benefit the community. We are deeply honored that the Government of Alberta has conferred this grant on Applexus and are excited to take this step forward in our journey. This will help us develop a stronger and more diversified presence. ”  

  • Sam Mathew, Founder & CEO, Applexus Technologies   

“Calgary has the talent pipeline, access to global markets and competitive business environment for technology leaders like Applexus to thrive. With one of the fastest-growing tech workforces in North America, Calgary is a city of innovation and opportunity where bright minds and big ideas come together to do game-changing work across industries.”  

  • Brad Parry, President & CEO, Calgary Economic Development  

“Applexus is a welcome addition to Alberta’s tech and innovation sector, and we are excited the company has chosen our province to establish its Canadian headquarters. This investment in Alberta will help support our local economy through the creation of 125 new jobs over five years while giving Applexus access to the skilled talent Alberta is known for so it can thrive in a rapidly growing sector. The support the company received from Government of Alberta, Invest Alberta, and Calgary Economic Development positioned our province as a destination of choice and is a tangible example of Alberta’s world-renowned ‘make it happen attitude’ when it comes to global investment.” 

  •  Rick Christiaanse, CEO, Invest Alberta   

About Invest Alberta:    

Invest Alberta is engaging the world and providing high-end tailored support to companies, investors, and major new projects. With team members strategically positioned in key markets around the world, Invest Alberta works to break down barriers so businesses can start up, scale up, and succeed without limits. Since 2020, Invest Alberta has supported the commitment of nearly $20 billion in investment that created more than 24,000 new high-value jobs for Albertans. For more information, please visit: www.investalberta.ca.  

About Calgary Economic Development: 

Calgary Economic Development is an opportunity-maker, helping to spark and fuel Calgary’s growth. Our job is to connect people with resources that can help them grow their careers or businesses, thrive in new locations or markets, and feel at home in our community. We offer a wealth of information to help everyone succeed and we tirelessly promote Calgary, in Canada and around the world. We’re exhilarated about our role in shaping and sharing Calgary’s story and we’re proud to be part of the energy. For more information, please visit our website at www.calgaryeconomicdevelopment.com and follow us on Twitter @calgaryeconomic.   

About Applexus Technologies: 
Applexus has been at the forefront of innovation in the SAP landscape. As a premier SAP services provider and a leader in Data and Analytics, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge and value-driven technology solutions to bring about business transformation for our clients. As a thought leader, we bring personalized solutions and domain expertise across multiple industry verticals, besides creating innovative add-on solutions and utilizing cloud-based capabilities for a stronger impact. Our leadership team and employees practise a culture of excellence and cohesiveness to support our objectives and usher in new beginnings. 

Media Contacts:   

Invest Alberta
Phone: 403 861 9968
Email: communications@investalberta.ca

Calgary Economic Development
Sarah Ferguson
Media Coordinator
Phone: 403 880 7040
Email: media@calgaryeconomicdevelopment.com

Applexus Technologies
Nittu Thomas
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 201 290 6202
Email: nittu.thomas@applexus.com


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