Regional Investment Initiative

Working with Alberta’s Regions

As Albertans, one of our greatest strengths is our ability to get things done together to help set us up for success and prosperity. At Invest Alberta, we believe that investment attraction is a team effort. It is only by working with our partners that Alberta has attracted more than $20 billion in investments since 2020. 

The Regional Investment Initiative began as a collaborative venture to raise Alberta’s profile as a high-impact, high-value investment destination. The initiative was designed to enhance investment attraction capacity, identify investment opportunities in all corners of the province, and provide an avenue for ongoing, mutually beneficial collaboration. 

Early Success 

Early in 2022, we began working with the Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (BRAED) to pilot-run our collaborative initiative in order to collect insightful feedback to help launch the initiative. This initial test turned out to be a great success, with high interest and engagement among BRAED member communities.  

Regional Collaboration

Incorporating what we learned from partnering with BRAED, we collaborate with regions across Alberta in a series of collaborative, information-sharing opportunities tailored to the interests, needs, and opportunities of each community. The table below outlines details of the program engagement components:  

Community Profiles:

If you would like your community or an investment-ready opportunity profiled here, please reach out to Siao Yong at

Community Information GatheringInvest Alberta is engaging with community leaders, starting with Regional Economic Development Alliances (REDAs), to learn more about their communities so webinars and workshops can be tailored to community needs.  
WebinarsInvest Alberta is hosting webinars to provide an overview of the initiative and allow for a Q+A session, as well as conversations with community members on desired outcomes, goals, and expectations for an in-person workshop. 
Investment Attraction WorkshopsInvest Alberta is holding live, in-person workshops with community members to build and enhance investment attraction skills and knowledge through the sharing of first-hand experience, feedback from investors and market research.  
Community TourInvest Alberta representatives will play the role of investors/site selectors and learn more about the assets in the community and share information on what investors look for during a community tour. It is an opportunity for the selected community to showcase investment-ready opportunities and highlight their assets. 
Feedback & Continued SupportFeedback and continued engagement with communities assists in improving future iterations of the collaboration, and allows Invest Alberta to share community-specific value propositions with our global team and investors.

Learn More

For REDAs and communities interested in participating in the Alberta CAN: Regional Investment Initiative, as well as organizations interested in partnering with Invest Alberta on this collaboration, please reach out to Siao Yong at