Invest Alberta is committed to presenting the routine public disclosure of information to enhance public confidence by improving accountability and transparency. This is done in accordance with legislation administered by Alberta Treasury Board and Finance.


IAC Business Plan 2021-2024


IAC Annual Report 2020-2021
IAC Annual Report Summary 2021-2022
2022 Year in Review


2022 Invest Alberta Corporation Audited Financial Statements


As a new Crown corporation, Invest Alberta falls under section 4 of the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act in the fiscal year 2020.

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Public Sector BodyNamePositionYearCompensationOtherSeveranceAttachment
Invest Alberta CorporationKnight Legg, DavidChief Executive Officer2021$161,728.59$8,004.18-
Invest Alberta CorporationHann, NicholasSenior Advisor, Infrastructure Investment2021$155,402.29$11,371.09-
Invest Alberta CorporationFisher, AndrewDirector, Governance, Research & Reporting2021$171,692.24$11,037.03-
Invest Alberta CorporationMatteotti, GarretDirector, Petrochemicals2021$158,556.92$29,630.39$15,061.54
Invest Alberta CorporationHryciw, AlexandraDirector, Strategic Initiatives2021$128,111.33$24,577.57-
Invest Alberta CorporationKwasny, StevenDirector, Agriculture and Rural Initiatives2021$144,554.05$24,120.09-
Invest Alberta CorporationPerras, JillianDirector, Operations2021$149,999.98$30,727.9-
Invest Alberta CorporationPiquette, KatarzynaDirector, Financial Services2021$184,923.92$14,313.85$16,923.08
Invest Alberta CorporationSpeakman, JordanSenior Manager, International Markets2021$123,846.26$26,108.42-
Invest Alberta CorporationLeslie, MichelleStakeholder Engagement, Eastern Canada2021$145,961.45$6,826.98-
Invest Alberta CorporationHoffmann, RonSpecial Advisor, Asia Pacific and Major Projects2021$137,963.62$23,564.76-
Invest Alberta CorporationRodney, DavidSenior Representative, Tourism Investment and Parks Liaison2021$164,703.80$28,989.94-
Invest Alberta CorporationBaker, GregoryVice President, International Markets2021$128,899.90$25,045.11-
Invest Alberta CorporationMcLellan, AnneBoard Member2021$20,192.00--
Invest Alberta CorporationMawji, AshifBoard Member2021$18,392.00$987.69-
Invest Alberta CorporationDhillon, BobBoard Member2021$17,192.00$922.29-
Invest Alberta CorporationRiopel, JanetBoard Member2021$19,892.00$1,069.44-
Invest Alberta CorporationFong, Chen TBoard Member2021$11,500.00--
Invest Alberta CorporationDaniels, LauraBoard Member2021$7,773.00$416.29-
Invest Alberta CorporationHutcheson, Schott RobertBoard Chair2021$30,784.00$1,663.05-

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As a public Crown corporation, Invest Alberta adheres to the framework outlined by the Public Disclosure of Travel and Expenses Directive under the Financial Administration Act. The disclosure requirements provide greater detail on travel, accommodation, meal and hospitality expenses.

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Board Expenses

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Invest Alberta Corporation (IAC) has been established for the mandate described in the Alberta Investment Attraction Act.
This Mandate and Roles Document (MRD) has been developed collaboratively by the Government of Alberta and IAC, in accordance with the Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act (APAGA).

Disclaimer: The below Roles and Mandates Document is not current and is for general information purposes only. An updated document will be uploaded when available.

Roles and Mandates Document