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Alberta’s greatest asset is its people. Not only is Alberta’s working population growing at a faster rate than every other province, but it is also the youngest in the country, very diverse and highly educated.

Young, diverse, and growing workforce

Alberta’s population is young, diverse and growing. The province has the highest proportion of workers under the age of 45 in Canada and has experienced the third highest increase in working age population in the country.

Alberta is extremely diverse. Every year approximately 40,000 immigrants choose to work and live in Alberta.

Internationally ranked post-secondary institutions

Alberta is home to some of the best post-secondary institutions in the country — specializing in energy, computer science, business, engineering, and medical sciences.

The University of Alberta is one of Canada’s leading universities. Not only does it boast the highest ranked computer science program in the country, but it has ranked third in the world for AI research for 25 years.

Alberta is also home to two of the country’s top 10 business schools and the Northern Alberta Institute for Technology (NAIT) is the largest technology and apprenticeship trainer in Canada.

With its excellent post-secondary institutions, the province attracts tens of thousands of international students every year. Alberta’s labour force also has the most post-secondary educated workers in the country.

Workforce of the future

Alberta is home to over 170,000 tech workers. That number keeps growing thanks to the province’s excellent post-secondary institutions.

More than 9,000 students graduate from STEM programs annually and Alberta’s post-secondary institutions are the fourth largest suppliers of STEM graduates in the country.

Most tech workers cluster around the tech hubs of Calgary and Edmonton. In fact, Calgary has the highest concentration of high-tech workers in the country.


Youngest Workforce

Highest proportion of workers under the age of 45 in Canada (53.3%)

Diverse Population

1 in 6 Albertans are born outside of Canada (2017)

Highly educated

56% of Albertans are post-secondary educated (DATE)

Affluent households

Highest household incomes in Canada (2016 Census)

Growing population

Greatest population increase in North America (18.5% from 2010 to 2020)

Ambitious entrepreneurs

Highest total entrepreneurial activity in Canada (2016)

Top business schools

The University of Alberta School of Business (#4) and the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business (#10) are two of Canada’s top business schools

High labour productivity

Highest real GDP per hour worked of the country’s four large economies ($78.50 per hour in 2019)

Engineering capital of Canada

Alberta has the most engineers per capita Engineers Canada, 2019.

Skilled Workforce

Alberta grants the most annual apprentices graduates per capita (Stats Canada, 2019).

Best place for youth to work

Edmonton was ranked one of the best cities in Canada for youth to work (Urban Work Index, 2021)


Alberta is home to some amazing companies, across all sectors

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