Taxes and Incentives

Kickstart your project with a competitive tax structure and investment incentives.

Alberta is Canada’s headquarters for big thinkers and innovators, fueled by smart talent, access to international markets, and diverse industries working to solve global challenges sustainably.

Our province hosts a dynamic and diversified economy, making it an ideal destination for investors looking to maximize their returns.

Competitive tax incentives

With the lowest corporate income tax rate in Canada and one of the lowest in North America – we have no provincial sales tax, no payroll tax, and no health-care premiums. Our competitive tax structure drives investors from around the world. This means you can optimize their profits and reinvest for further growth. We foster innovation and encourage entrepreneurship, positioning Alberta as a top choice for businesses seeking tax efficiency and long-term prosperity.

In addition to a competitive corporate income tax rate, Alberta offers a number of investment and tax incentives with private and public support at all levels of government. We are happy to develop a customized tax and incentive information package designed specifically for your needs.  

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A Sample of Alberta’s Investment Incentives

*This is not an exhaustive list. For a tailored incentive information package for your project, complete the form above.

Alberta Agri-processing Investment Tax Credit

Tax credit for eligible agri-processing facilities in Alberta.

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Alberta Innovates

Offers various grants and programs for businesses in Alberta in the technology and innovation sector.

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Alberta Petrochemical Incentives Program

Reduced red tape and funding offered for businesses in the petrochemicals sector.

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Corporate Tax and Incentives

Various corporate tax, credits, and grants offered by the provincial government.

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Emissions Reduction Canada

Offers two funding streams to help businesses in Alberta proper while reducing their emissions.

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Investment Incentive Terms Guide

Applications are the forms and supporting documentation required to apply for all government funding programs. Applications ask questions that help government funding reviewers understand the core components of a project, as well as its potential benefits and risks.

Government Grants
A type of transfer payment by various levels of government that is not subject to audit and that is a contribution for which no repayment is required if the terms of the Contribution Agreement are adhered to.

Projects are a sum of all activities performed to capitalize on a specific market opportunity. Government funding programs seek to fund projects that can provide significant benefits to both the applicant and the province.

Government funding programs are the mechanisms for government bodies to award funding for strategic projects. Programs are awarded an allotment of government funding for specific desired outcomes, such as business innovation or economic development.

Repayable Funding (Government Loans)
Repayable funding must be repaid in full as per the terms of the Contribution Agreement, regardless of project outcomes. Generally, this funding is non-interest bearing and unsecured, which provides significant advantage to companies looking for an alternative to bank financing.

Tax Credits and Incentives
Tax credits and other incentives require that a business incurs expenses and claims them during the submission of taxes. Depending on the project and tax incentive, businesses may claim these funds in a variety of ways. To ensure the proper submission of expenses and reporting, a business’ accounting/financial department should review tax incentives on an individual basis.