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Ambitious and entrepreneurial by nature, Alberta is one of Canada’s most business-friendly locations.

Ambitious and entrepreneurial by nature, Alberta is one of Canada’s most business-friendly locations. Alberta boasts the lowest corporate income tax rate in Canada at 8%, no provincial sales tax, no payroll tax, and no health-care premiums. The province also invests more per capita than any other province.  We’re a powerhouse – quite literally – as a global leader in energy production, as well as through burgeoning industries ranging from life sciences and agriculture to financial services and tech. Plus, we offer room to grow, with some of the most affordable Class A downtown office space in North America and ample and affordable land for development.   

Alberta’s largest city Calgary has the largest concentration of company headquarters in all of Canada and is home to 7 of the top 10 world banks, while Edmonton boasts North America’s fastest-growing tech ecosystem. In between, our small towns and midsize cities support our diversifying economy. In Alberta, we invest in business success through a variety of programs, move quickly and creatively to solve challenges, and welcome business with open arms.

Alberta Legislature Building in Edmonton, Alberta

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Alberta’s tax advantage in 2023-24 is $19.7 billion. Albertans and Alberta businesses continue to pay the lowest overall taxes compared to other Canadian provinces.

Alberta’s Tax Advantage

Alberta’s tax advantage is an estimate of the total additional provincial taxes individuals and businesses would pay if Alberta had the same tax system as other provinces. Ontario and Saskatchewan are the closest, netting at $19.7 billion more in taxes under respective tax systems.

Alberta tax advantage in 2023-24 relative to other provincial tax systems (in billions)

Alberta's tax advantage, 2023-24 (billions of dollars)
Lowest corporate tax rates in the country

Alberta is serious about being the most competitive jurisdiction to invest and do business in. That’s why we’ve dropped our corporate tax rate to 8% — well below every other Canadian province and in line with some of the most competitive US states.

The combined federal / provincial corporate income tax rate in Alberta is 23% (15% federal and 8% provincial) for general businesses and 11% (9% federal and 2% provincial) for small businesses with revenues below $500,000.

Low commercial property tax rates

Low commercial property tax rates

When compared to other major Canadian cities, Edmonton and Calgary’s commercial property tax rates are among the lowest. Municipalities in Alberta can also offer up to 15 years of property tax incentives.

Estimated commercial property taxes in Calgary (per $1,000 of assessment)


Alberta’s combined federal-provincial corporate income tax rate is lower than the combined federal-state rate of 44 US jurisdictions. When a broader set of taxes paid by businesses is factored in for the purpose of calculating the marginal effective tax rate on new investment, Alberta’s tax system is more competitive for new investment than competing US jurisdictions.

Corporate marginal effective tax rate comparison

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