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Why Alberta

Why Alberta

Why Alberta

Alberta has one of Canada’s most thriving economies and is Canada’s most business-friendly jurisdiction.


  • has a competitive tax structure, a strong economy, and the highest labour productivity in Canada
  • has attracted investment from Fortune 500 companies, global energy leaders, and innovative start-ups
  • is an internationally-connected and export-oriented jurisdiction with the most public infrastructure in Canada per capita
  • is ranked as one of the best places in the world to live according to international rankings
  • has the highest economic freedom index in Canada

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Key Industries

Oil and Gas - /industry-profiles/oil-and-gas/
Alberta is Canada’s energy province. The province’s diverse resource portfolio includes natural gas, conventional oil, coal, minerals and the famous Alberta oil sands.

Petrochemicals - /industry-profiles/petrochemicals/
Alberta is Canada's leading oil refining and petrochemical manufacturer, shipping significant supplies to North American and international markets.

Cleantech - /industry-profiles/cleantech/
Alberta’s Clean Technology sector offers untapped investment opportunities for growth and earning.

Information & Communications Technologies - /industry-profiles/ict/
Alberta's vibrant ICT sector develops products and services, including artificial intelligence, geomatics, augmented and virtual reality, and big data analytics.

Agriculture and Agri-Food - /industry-profiles/agri-foods/
Alberta’s agriculture and agri-foods industry is foundational to the province’s strong, diversified economy.

Interactive Digital Media - /industry-profiles/interactive-digital-media/
Alberta is home to many thriving companies that produce interactive digital media products like video games, simulators, and mobile applications.

Highlights of the Alberta Economy Report


highlights cover Learn more about the Alberta by downloading the latest Highlights of the Alberta Economy report.This report summarizes significant highlights of the Alberta economy, documenting the advantages of locating or operating a business in Alberta. Topics covered in the report include:

  • Economic Highlights
  • A Diversified and Resource-based Economy
  • Doing Business in Alberta
  • Working in Alberta
  • Living in Alberta

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Investment Services

Invest Alberta is your one-stop government connection to doing business in Alberta. Through our extensive network of international and local contacts, our team of investment professionals provides a centralized, coordinated service to support foreign investors throughout the investment and business expansion process. Invest Alberta works closely with Alberta’s international offices to introduce companies to the benefits of investing in Alberta, and help investors develop the business relationships you need to succeed.   

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