Why Alberta

Alberta. More open than ever.

Less red tape.

Globally connected.

Business friendly environment.

Dynamic cities and stunning mountain parks.

Young, highly-educated workforce.

Alberta’s corporate tax rate has dropped to 8%. Combine that with smarter regulation and Canada’s youngest, highly skilled workforce; and a renowned work/life balance in our affordable cities and communities.

Alberta’s rich history of success and growth was forged during the hard times. Always by the tenacity and optimism of our entrepreneurs. In an increasingly connected world, we are dedicated to ensure Alberta is perfectly positioned to offer the best business environment for the next generation of entrepreneurs and business builders.

Now, with tax rates as globally competitive as you are.

How We Can Help

Invest Alberta is your one-stop government connection to doing business in Alberta.

Through our extensive network of international and local contacts, our team of investment professionals provides a centralized, coordinated service to support foreign investors throughout the investment and business expansion process.

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