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As a leader in energy, clean tech and agriculture, Alberta is diversifying — capitalizing on growth in the technology, financial services, aviation and logistics sectors.

By streamlining approvals and lowering taxes, Alberta is creating the best possible environment for businesses and investors. Since lessening the burden on job creators, the province has successfully cut thousands of regulatory requirements — reducing red tape by 15%.

Alberta has the highest economic freedom in Canada as ranked by the Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom Index.

Walterdale Bridge in Edmonton, Alberta

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Alberta has several incentive programs that may be of interest to foreign investors considering Alberta as a location for greenfield investment or business expansion. Programs include direct incentives such as grants, loan programs and tax credits in a broad range of sectors.


Calgary is Western Canada’s head office hub and has the highest concentration of head offices of any major city in Canada.

As a result, the city has become one of the country’s top global finance centres and many of the world’s most prominent firms have a presence in Alberta.


Led by capital intensive industries like oil and gas, Alberta invests more per capita than any other province. In 2022, Alberta’s per capita investment spending was $14,000 which was the highest per capita spending of all provinces and 78% higher than the Canadian average of $7,880 per capita.

Alberta has also seen record-high venture capital (VC) investments. Since 2013, over $2.6 billion VC dollars have been invested across over 231 Alberta companies. Alberta is also home to the second most private equity firms in the country.


Following a three-year pilot, the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has amended the self-certified investor prospectus exemption to continue provide greater flexibility to businesses and investors in Alberta by allowing self-certified investors to be treated in a similar manner to accredited investors.

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