We are required to give our information to anyone who makes a request under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP request). 

What is FOIP?

The act aims to strike a balance between the public’s right to know and the business operations of Invest Alberta. It applies to public bodies and includes all provincial government departments, agencies, boards, and commissions. It also includes local public bodies such as municipalities, universities, school boards, among many others. The act

  • ensures that public bodies are open and accountable to the public by providing access to records, and
  • protects the privacy of individuals by controlling the way public bodies collect, use, and disclose personal information.

Visit Service Alberta for more information about the act, including frequently asked questions. 

Make a FOIP Request

A request should only be made if information cannot be obtained by other publicly available means, such as through our website.

Steps to Submit a FOIP Request

  1. Complete a Request to Access Information Form. The form asks for personal contact information and what information you want to access. There is a $25 initial search fee for all FOIP requests. Payment may be made by cheque (payable to “Invest Alberta”) or by e-transfer.
  2. Send your completed FOIP request form and the $25 initial search fee to Invest Alberta’s FOIP coordinator at The coordinator can answer questions about completing the form or how to pay the $25 fee.