Financial Services Concierge for Global Expansion

Financial Services Concierge

Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA) in Edmonton, AB

The AGA has the distinction of being the only museum in Alberta dedicated solely to the exhibition and preservation of visual art.

Alberta is committed to offering support and guidance to financial institutions and innovators in the financial services sector. We understand the challenges of entering new markets or developing industries in a complex regulatory environment.

The team will provide efficient and timely information, saving you and your business time and resources by streamlining your experience and dealing with one government contact versus multiple departments for your venture.

The Financial Services Concierge is best suited for banks, trust and loan corporations, credit unions, financial service providers, money service businesses, lending corporations, payment aggregators and other related financial technology service providers.

If you are interested in starting, expanding or relocating a financial services operation in Alberta, please complete the form below.

This process is a new way of supporting companies and improving your investment experience.