March 8, 2022


Invest Alberta expands its international network in Texas

HOUSTON, Texas, March 8, 2022 – Today, Invest Alberta Corporation announced the expansion of its international presence by announcing its partnership with the Canada-Texas Chamber of Commerce focused on investment attraction and enhancing economic activity between Texas and Alberta.  

The economic ties between Texas and Alberta have always been strong as global energy powerhouses. In the past few years, both Alberta and Texas have diversified their economies considerably, growing the number of opportunities for Texas companies to invest in Alberta.

“Alberta has reduced the tax and regulatory burden on all kinds of businesses in all sectors and the result is that Alberta’s economy is firing on all cylinders, and we are seeing dynamic growth in virtually every Alberta industry and diversification happening like never before. This level of growth and diversification helped us balance Alberta’s budget ahead of schedule.”

  • Honourable Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta

“Alberta is a land of opportunity for investment and jobs. We are fully committed to sharing these opportunities all across the continent and around the world. More partnerships, like the one with the Canada-Texas Chamber of Commerce, mean more people and companies will hear about the benefits of doing business with Alberta and in Alberta.”

  • Honourable Doug Schweitzer, Alberta Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation

Doubling down on investment attraction through the pandemic has led to billions of dollars in private investment across agriculture, energy, technology and financial services to flow into Alberta. Red tape reduction, regulatory reform, a highly skilled workforce and competitive tax rates contributed to Invest Alberta signing 27 agreements with investors and a total of $19 billion in announced investments that will create over 5,000 jobs across the province.

“This partnership between Invest Alberta and the Canada-Texas Chamber of Commerce will help us match Texas companies and capital with the significant investment opportunities that exist today in Alberta. We have a growing tech sector, value-added agriculture projects and are leaders in clean energy and clean tech advancements. We look forward to continuing our work in attracting investment and jobs for Alberta’s future economy.”

  • Rick Christiaanse, CEO, Invest Alberta

“The Canada – Texas Chamber of Commerce (CTCC) is excited to be working with Invest Alberta Corp (IAC) on their Houston initiative.  The CTCC’s mandate, and subsequent vision, has long been to facilitate cross-border trade and commercial relationships.  We feel our participation with IAC will be extremely beneficial to both parties and we look forward to the prospective opportunities that this initiative will provide.  This is an exciting time for both IAC and the CTCC.”

  • Jim Mochulsky, Supply Chain Director, Canada-Texas Chamber of Commerce

About Invest Alberta:

The Invest Alberta Corporation is dedicated to investment attraction, with a mandate to engage the world and provide high-end tailored support to companies, investors, and major new projects. Alberta, Canada has the youngest and highly educated workforce in Canada; is the most livable and affordable cities and boasts the lowest corporate payroll and sales taxes. Invest Alberta works to break down barriers so investors and businesses can start up, scale up, and succeed without limits.

About Canada-Texas Chamber of Commerce

The Canada-Texas Chamber of Commerce (CTCC) is a non-profit, membership organization that facilitates cross-border commerce, trade, and investment between Canada and Texas. We strive to build a thriving ecosystem of companies, public sector officials, and individual professionals on both sides of the US-Canada border. We facilitate international business, provide expert know-how to our members, foster commercial relationships, and act as a marketplace advocate for companies engaged in Texas-Canada trade

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