Alberta offers the ideal environment to launch or scale a tech company

Enabled by low operating costs, high quality of life, a robust talent pipeline, and a strong and supportive ecosystem, Alberta’s innovators and entrepreneurs are developing technologies to solve crucial global challenges.

Alberta’s tech companies continue to transform energy, agribusiness, finance, and logistics by leveraging the province’s existing expertise in these sectors. 

Home to more than 3,000 tech companies, including unicorns, startups and established international firms, Alberta has grown into a global tech hub — and investment is following. The province experienced a record-breaking year for venture capital investment in 2022, and it is poised to break that record again in 2023. 

Operating Costs

Alberta, Canada’s low operating costs leave companies with more to invest in people, research and growth.

Investing in Alberta allows businesses to access more of their capital. Boasting some of the lowest taxes in North America, ample and affordable downtown real-estate, and many cost-of-living advantages, including no provincial health care premiums, no provincial sales tax (PST), and tax rebates and credits, Alberta’s low operating costs allow tech companies to build a solid foundation for success.

Talent Pool

Alberta, Canada’s strong talent pipeline, top universities, and supportive tech ecosystem create the ideal environment for innovators to grow their business.

A growing tech workforce in Edmonton and Calgary give innovators access to a robust talent pool in Alberta. The province also boasts some of the most highly educated workers in Canada — 56 per cent of Albertans have a post-secondary education. A strong applied research and innovation presence and top ranked AI research and university computer science programs give Alberta the distinction of having the most engineers per capita in Canada. In operating in Alberta, tech organizations can also tap into the government’s investment in digital transformation, which is set to surpass $20B between 2021-2024, a forecast of 13 per cent year-over-year growth.

Quality of Life

Come for the lifestyle, stay for the business

Alberta, Canada boasts a low cost of living, access to the great outdoors, an excellent healthcare system.rnrnSituated between the Rocky Mountains and the Prairies, Alberta is an ideal environment for those seeking high quality of life with low cost of living. The province is host to five UNESCO world heritage sites, a testament to the beauty one can find a short drive from any major city.rnrnIn Calgary, recreational opportunities abound. Consistently ranked among the world’s cleanest, safest and most livable cities in North America, Calgary also enjoys more sunshine than any other major city in the country. And with the mountains only an hour away, residents often get away for a weekend of skiing or hiking in one of the most beautiful places on earth.rnrnActive lifestyle and culture enthusiasts will also find lots to love in Edmonton. The city is home to North Saskatchewan River Valley, the most extensive stretch of urban parkland in North America, and hosts the Edmonton Fringe Festival, the 2nd largest theatre festival in the world. Alberta’s capital was also recently ranked as the most affordable large city in Canada and features ample green space, excellent schools, and a young and diverse population.

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