Welcoming business environment

Grow with the most business-friendly policies in Canada

By cutting red tape, streamlining approvals and the lowering taxes, Alberta is creating the best possible environment for businesses and investors. Since committing to lessening the burden on job creators, the province has successfully cut thousands of regulatory requirements — reducing red tape by 15%.

The efforts earned the province a top grade from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

The government is committed to revitalizing and sustaining key industries, as well as supporting new and growing sectors.

Increasing access to capital

Alberta has made it easier to become an accredited investor. In 2020, the Alberta Security Commission announced measures to expand self-certified investors’ eligibility based on knowledge and experience. This pilot project will significantly expand access to capital, especially for tech ventures, within the province.

Government incentives and programs

There are numerous support programs and funding available to help set up and grow your business. Check out the Investment Incentive Directory for more details.


Less red tape

Alberta is committed to reducing red tape by one-third by 2023

Stable political system

Canada scores in the top 30 of the World Bank’s Political Stability Index (2019)

Safe place for your money

Six major Canadian banks ranked among the 10 safest in North America by the Global Finance Magazine (2020)

Pro-business climate

Alberta has the highest economic freedom in Canada as ranked by the Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom Index (2020)

Duty-free Manufacturing

Canada was the first G20 country to offer tariff-free zones for industrial manufacturers

Highest annual GDP growth in Canada (1999-2018)

Investment per capita almost double the Canadian average

Source: Statistics Canada Table 34-10-0035-01

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