Business Friendly

Secure business environment

Stable political system

Canada scores in the top 30 of the World Bank’s Political Stability Index (2019)

Safe place for your money

Six major Canadian banks ranked among the 10 safest in North America by the Global Finance Magazine (2020)

Pro-business climate

Alberta has the highest economic freedom in Canada as ranked by the Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom Index (2020)

Second-highest annual GDP growth in Canada (1999-2019)

In terms of economic strength, Alberta punches well above its weight for its small population. Alberta had the second-highest average annual GDP growth in Canada between 1999-2019 at 2.7%.

Sources:  Statistics Canada Table 36-10-0222-01

$140 billion worth of major projects proposed or under construction in Alberta

International companies such as EDF (France)Gilead (America), and Sinopec (China) are investing billions of dollars into the Alberta economy.

Investment per capita almost double the Canadian average

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This is one of the best places in North America to invest.

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