March 25, 2022

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Alberta-Japan partnership: Reaching new heights in the aerospace industry

With the announcement of the strategic partnership between Alberta-based Optima Manufacturing (Optima) and Japan-based Hibiki-Seiki, Alberta is furthering its position as a global leader in manufacturing for the aerospace industry. Announced on March 22, 2022, the two companies will work together in Alberta to manufacture and supply high-precision machining and components for the North American Aerospace Industry.

While JIS Q9100 certified, Hibiki-Seiki specializes in high-precision machining using both lathe and machining-centre expertise, Optima is ISO 9001 certified and specializes in in the machining, assembly and kitting of small- to medium-sized precision components for a globally diverse market of international Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Hibiki-Seiki, Yamaguchi, Japan GNW

Not only does this partnership advance Alberta’s progress in the aerospace industry, it also proves that Alberta’s key sectors keep growing, advancing, and showcasing Alberta as a destination of choice for new investment opportunities. 

Working with Optima in Alberta will be Hibiki-Seiki’s initial entry into the North American market. Through partnerships with the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and Invest Alberta, Optima and Hibiki-Seiki were able to come together to leverage business opportunities and expand fast into the global market.

Invest Alberta has been working with Hibiki-Seiki since March 2021 to land this strategic partnership, including identifying and providing initial introductions to multiple Alberta prospects, facilitating strategic communications, supporting negotiations, overseeing detailed information exchange (technical drawings, assessing compatibility of machining equipment), framing out terms, and closing the deal.

The new operation will bring a projected $5 million and 50 jobs over the next five years, including 10 new full-time highly skilled positions in Alberta over the next 12 months.

Optima’s current team, based in Calgary, is comprised of 50 associates with over 50,000 square feet in two buildings with room for growth. Hibiki-Seiki expressed the potential for future considerations of further expansion in Alberta with a physical presence that will have additional equipment and human resources to work alongside Optima at its Calgary-based headquarters.

Optima Manufacturing, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Many industries will find this partnership beneficial to their operations as it will help eliminate issues of precision components in the supply chain and open the door for new expansion opportunities. Optima’s global industry market portfolio includes energy, transportation, aerospace and process control. Optima was also recognized by ATB with the Export Award as an Alberta-based company — competitively supplying products to international markets.

Invest Alberta is thrilled to have worked alongside JETRO in supporting the partnership between Optima and Hibiki-Seiki, and we are excited to see the progress this work and initiative will bring to Alberta on a global scale.

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