March 6, 2024

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Unlocking Opportunities: Alberta’s Participation in CERAWeek and Beyond 

In the international energy sector, one event stands out as a cornerstone: CERAWeek. Held annually in Houston, Texas, this premiere thought leadership forum is a unique opportunity to showcase Alberta to global investors and key decision-makers. For Alberta, it’s not just an event to attend; it’s a platform to showcase the province’s potential, forge partnerships, and drive growth. 

Invest Alberta’s presence at CERAWeek has been instrumental in shaping the province’s energy trajectory. This valuable industry gathering is about seizing opportunities, fostering relationships, and translating discussions into action. 

Renewable Energy at CERAWeek 2024 

Renewable energy will be an important topic at this year’s CERAWeek. Aligned with the global shift towards sustainability, Alberta is advancing its renewable energy production. With ample wind and solar resources, the province presents attractive opportunities for investors in clean energy. Through developing hydrogen and technologies such as carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), Alberta is a hub for renewable energy projects. 

One notable success story involves Amazon’s decision to choose Alberta for its inaugural Canadian wind farm and the largest solar farm ever constructed in Canada. By leveraging Alberta’s abundant wind and solar resources, Amazon is making significant strides towards its goal of powering all its operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025.  

Despite some criticism of Alberta’s renewable energy policies, which some argue introduce uncertainty for investors regarding the long-term development landscape, the province remains committed to maintaining its status as a leading destination for wind and solar projects. Notably, Alberta accounted for 92% of the country’s growth in installed wind and solar capacity in 2023. 

Alberta remains the top province in Canada for renewable energy investments, due to its market-based system and efficient approval processes compared to many other North American jurisdictions. Alberta is a global leader in developing resources with world-class environmental standards and responsible governance. 

Invest Alberta and CERAWeek 

Reflecting on past engagements, Invest Alberta has not only secured crucial partnerships but also witnessed success stories from meetings at CERAWeek. Whether it’s attracting major investments, advancing renewable energy initiatives, or navigating regulatory landscapes, CERAWeek serves as a catalyst for sector growth. 

At CERAWeek 2023, EDP Renewables North America, a leading renewable energy developer and a top five renewable energy operator in the United States, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Invest Alberta. The company recently announced that their Sharp Hills Wind Farm has become operational with an estimated capital investment of over $600M CAD and contributing to the local economy through job creation and funding to the community. During construction, the project created over 400 full-time equivalent jobs and currently employs seven permanent positions to operate and maintain the project. 

The Invest Alberta team also had a chance to meet with the Sumitomo Corporation of Americas team at CERAWeek 2023, leading to months of close collaboration including an MOU signed in November 2023. The partnership will serve as a catalyst for developing energy transition opportunities within Alberta which has one of the world’s most advanced regulatory systems to drive emission reductions while offering excellent incentives to companies looking to develop new projects. 

Another success story is the partnership between Alberta and Pattern Energy, a leading renewable energy company. Through engagement and support from Invest Alberta, Pattern Energy’s Lanfine wind project has become a reality. This initiative not only promises to deliver clean and renewable energy to 30,000 homes, but also generates economic opportunities with the creation of 250 jobs. 

By nurturing meaningful connections and helping to navigate regulatory concerns, Invest Alberta positioned the province as an attractive destination for Pattern Energy’s $335 million investment. Collaboration between several provincial and federal government departments, industry stakeholders, and key decision-makers paved the way for success. We look forward to connecting with and celebrating this major milestone with them during CERAWeek 2024. 

Event attendance helps to strengthen regional partnerships with organizations such as the Greater Houston Partnership. The MOU signed in 2023 signals a focus on investment attraction and enhancing economic activity between Texas and Alberta.  

The economic ties between Texas and Alberta have always been strong as global energy powerhouses. Over the past several years, both Alberta and Texas have diversified their economies, growing the number of opportunities for Texas-based companies to invest in Alberta. 

Invest Alberta CEO Rick Christiaanse was on-site at CERAWeek 2023 to lead discussions on Alberta’s role as the future-forward partner for companies prioritizing sustainability goals amidst the changing energy landscape. His interview with S&P Global sparked engaging conversations on Invest Alberta’s role in the economy and the province’s transition into renewable energies. 

📹Learn about Alberta’s progress with cleantech projects such as Air Products and Varme Energy. With Alberta’s journey to net-zero by 2050, see how conversations surrounding energy affordability and reliability will take centre stage at this year’s CERAWeek. 

By leveraging media and networking opportunities at energy industry events around the world, Alberta not only attracts investments but also curates a culture of collaboration and innovation. In the dynamic landscape of clean energy, CERAWeek helps move the industry towards a brighter, greener future. Connect with our team on LinkedIn who are heading to Houston: 

We hope to see you there! 

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