December 19, 2023

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Alberta Powers Progress at COP28: Showcasing Leadership in Clean Energy and Innovation on the Global Stage 

As COP28 wrapped up this month, our team reflects on this unique and pivotal event that united global leaders and innovators in a collective effort to address one of the world’s most pressing issues – climate change. With climate challenges permeating almost every sector, this gathering was a vital platform for leaders worldwide to engage in discussions, negotiate global goals, formulate plans, and report progress in tackling the complexities of the issue.  

Alongside Premier Smith, we highlighted on a global stage Alberta’s leadership in clean energy innovations and the progress our province has made to reach net-zero by 2050 – without compromising affordability, reliable, and secure energy for Canadians and the world. By showcasing the province’s progress and clean technology solutions, we profiled Alberta’s status as a burgeoning hub where ideas, projects, and innovations thrive.  

During COP28, we met with incredible changer-makers and made valuable connections with leaders who are adjusting the lens on energy innovations to focus more clearly on the route to sustainability. One example is Arup, a UK headquartered sustainable development and engineering consultancy that recently opened a new office location in Alberta. Eager to grow their presence in Western Canada, their office in Alberta will prioritize renewable energy, healthcare, and downtown revitalization – three sectors that are rapidly growing in the province.  

In addition, with projects like Air Products’ $1.3 billion investment to build the world’s largest net-zero hydrogen network, and Varme Energy’s waste to energy project that is working towards eliminating landfills and producing clean energy while capturing carbon, Alberta was able to showcase recent innovations that align with global goals to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. Take a look at Alberta’s progress featuring Premier Danielle Smith, Rachel Smith, Vice President and General Manager of Air Products Canada, and Sean Collins, CEO of Varme Energy. 

To continue the momentum and demonstrate Alberta’s commitment to clean energy projects, the Government of Alberta announced a new Alberta Carbon Capture Incentive Program, giving the province a competitive advantage. Over the next 10 years the program will allocate up to $5.3 billion to provide major industries with up to 12 per cent of new eligible capital project costs. With sustainability on the radar, Alberta made it clear to global investors at COP28 that clean energy is a top priority and at the forefront of the projects we aim to support in the province.  

With unwavering government support, a rich talent pool, affordability, proactive ambitions, and a make it happen-attitude, Alberta made a lasting impact during COP28, which builds further interest in investing in the province and sustainable opportunities for the future.  

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