November 17, 2022

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Alberta’s renewable energy sector is beaming in rural communities

Alberta is quickly becoming home to the fastest growing, low-cost renewable energy sector in Canada. Grabbing the attention of investors globally, Alberta is proving to be a leader in sustainable energy projects. With a goal to reduce carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050, the province is working hard to attract high-value, high-impact investments that move the needle forward. Projects underway by our client PACE Canada are prime examples.  

Back in March 2022, PACE (Pathfinder Clean Energy Ltd.) announced a strategic move to Alberta from British Columbia to better suit the company’s needs for scaling up development and investing in clean energy. Invest Alberta worked closely with PACE to provide information and analysis on federal and provincial policies and connect PACE to local partners to assist in the relocation of its operations. 

Shortly after the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) approved its solar projects in the province, the company was on a fast track to commence its ground-breaking on the first of its four solar power projects in rural Alberta, in partnership with Goldbeck Solar and GP Joule. On October 24, PACE officially announced construction at the Joffre Solar Power Plant in Lacombe County.  

The power generated by the solar power plant will go into Alberta’s electrical grid, reducing carbon dioxide emissions that will help Alberta reach its net-zero goal, and power nearly 12,000 homes in Lacombe County each year.  

PACE’s distributed clean energy projects tend to be smaller but more numerous, which spreads the economic benefit across Alberta and better supports the distribution grid.  

“There’s an involvement during the construction; but then, also, the on-going operation for the next 30 years, so we become actively involved in each community. The focus for us is to spread the investment around Alberta as opposed to just focusing on one giant project somewhere – it’s great for rural Alberta.” Claude Mindroff, Managing Director, PACE Canada.  

Distributed clean energy projects support development, manufacturing, and job creation in other industries. Rob Denman, Managing Director, PACE Canada, explains, “It enables new manufacturing and new industries to set up, where maybe historically they weren’t able to.”  

We look forward to the opportunities PACE’s solar projects bring Alberta and the possibilities it provides to Alberta’s growing sectors. We look forward to continuing our support on its solar power project developments and seeing the economic value it will bring rural Alberta communities.  

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