June 24, 2022

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Amino Lab offers sustainable solutions and new products to boost Alberta agriculture 

Did you know that waste from meat processing and butchering can be upcycled, while leaving a minimal environmental footprint and promoting waste reduction?  

Korean biotech company, Amino Lab, has done just that – by developing a unique enzyme decomposition processing technology to upcycle animal blood.  

Amino Lab became Korea’s first processing facility designed to upcycle animal blood from slaughterhouses in order to create amino acid feed supplements, fertilizers and cosmetics and pharmaceutical ingredients. Moreover, they invested in eco-friendly food-grade technology that yields minimal pollution from odor, dust or wastewater during the process of upcycling. 

Founded in 2013, the company has since developed a new facility in Sejong City, South Korea, which houses advanced equipment, eco-friendly machinery and large-scale warehouses to produce up to 900 tons of feed supplements and 420 tons of fertilizer nutrients per year.  

With growing interest in Alberta’s highly reputable and expanding technology and agriculture sectors, the province provides a unique investment opportunity for Amino Lab as the third-largest exporter of agri-food products in Canada. Alberta also offers a great supply of high-quality primary products and forage for the company to capitalize on and upcycle slaughter blood that would otherwise be disposed.  

Amino Lab expressed investment interest in Alberta, seeking opportunities to leverage their animal blood upcycling technology and establish a joint-venture (JV) facility to collaborate with Alberta hog farmers to produce high-quality feed alternatives, fertilizers and bioactive materials. 

Investment MOU Signing between IAC and Amino Lab 
(L-R): Rick Christiaanse, Chief Executive Officer, Invest Alberta Corporation; Mr. Hae-Sung Park, Founder & CEO, Amino Lab 

During our CEO Rick Christiaanse’s, mission to Korea, Invest Alberta and Amino Lab signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore further opportunities in Alberta. The collaboration will work to establish a pilot plan for the state-of-the-art commercialized animal blood upcycling production facility, develop new sales channels and strategic partnership opportunities within Alberta’s agri-tech sector, as well as connect with private, federal, provincial and municipal stakeholders to further develop the project on the ground.   

Amino Lab’s innovative project will elevate Alberta’s status as a global agri-tech sector and innovation hub, brining economic growth and high-quality job creation to the province. We cannot wait to see the impact of this new collaboration and to watch Alberta’s agri-tech sector continue to flourish and attract new investment opportunities.  

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