June 6, 2023

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From East to West: A Path to Alberta’s Tech Scene

Tech investments in Alberta are reshaping the province’s economic landscape, fostering innovation, and diversifying the economy. With more than 3,000 technology companies already established, Alberta’s tech sector is helping the province transform traditional industries and lead emerging innovations. Alberta is positioning itself as a leading tech hub with a talented workforce, supportive government policies, and a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. Investors across the globe are taking notice, especially across Asian countries eager to discover a solid foundation for future growth and success.

Collaboration and partnerships between regions are crucial for driving innovations in AI, machine learning, cybersecurity, software, and beyond. As a reliable and engaged partner, Invest Alberta is actively building valuable economic ties with Asian countries by advancing shared goals of stability, sustainability, and prosperity.

Alberta is known for its rich natural resources and thriving energy industry but is increasingly recognizing the importance of diversifying its economy and harnessing the potential of the tech sector.

Welcoming Mphasis

In June 2022, Alberta welcomed Mphasis, the India-based IT solutions provider, with open arms as the company opened its Canadian delivery centre in Calgary. With a strong commitment to creating employment opportunities, Mphasis plans to add 1000 jobs to the region within the next two years. Together with Mphasis, we have been collaborating closely to deliver support in areas such as immigration, business development, talent recruitment, real estate, stakeholder connections, and funding opportunities.

The global IT giant also partnered with the University of Calgary to create a centre of excellence for quantum computing. This will leverage the expertise and resources of both entities to advance quantum computing research, development, and innovation. This partnership creates a hub for interdisciplinary collaboration, allowing Calgary to position itself as a leading global destination for quantum computing advancements.

Mphasis also received $7 million through the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund to boost Calgary’s tech industry. This substantial funding is set to recruit 560 tech professionals based in Calgary. This move shows Alberta leading the charge, conducting cutting-edge research, and fostering collaborations between academia and industry.

Telling Alberta’s story in India

On a recent trip to Mumbai, Invest Alberta joined forces with nasscom by signing an MOU to promote innovation, investment, and technological exchange between Alberta and India. India’s not-for-profit industry tech giant has an impressive track record of driving India’s GDP, exports, employment, infrastructure, and global visibility. They bring unparalleled expertise to the table, unlocking a world of possibilities for the partnership through mutual learning and skill sharing.

As party to this MOU, MacEwan University is supporting nasscom members with 180 days of complimentary office space to enable member companies to reduce initial expenses and amplify their visibility in Alberta.

This partnership is set to enhance research and development efforts, offering both parties a global advantage and spearheading a wave of innovation that transcends borders.

“As leading global tech authorities, nasscom’s partnership builds on our strong track record of fruitful partnerships with Indian companies including Mphasis, Infosys, and ICICI Bank Canada. By working together, we will leverage our strengths to drive new investment in Alberta, create well-paying jobs, and bring innovative ideas to life that will grow our global tech community.”

– Rick Christiaanse, CEO, Invest Alberta

Invest Alberta COO Lynette Tremblay speaking at the nasscom Technology & Leadership Forum

Building Opportunities in Bangaluru

Earlier this year, Invest Alberta had the privilege of visiting the headquarters of Wipro, a renowned global IT company based in Bangaluru, India. During this trip, Invest Alberta team members established relationships that will pave the way for collaborative endeavours and the vibrant exchanges of ideas. The meeting opened doors to a world of possibilities, fostering a climate of collaborations, innovation, and mutually beneficial expansion.

Invest Alberta COO Lynette Tremblay with New Delhi Investment Advisors Amarbir Anand and Rooma Bussi
Invest Alberta COO Lynette Tremblay with New Delhi Investment Advisors Amarbir Anand and Rooma Bussi, and Head Government Affairs & Public Policy Wipro Americas Europe & APAC, Parminder Singh

Counting down to Singapore

Alberta is receiving attention for its tech sector achievements, attracting international companies including Amazon, Rogers, and Microsoft. Five tech companies in the province have reached unicorn status. These successes have helped position Alberta as a strategic destination for ambitious tech companies. Startups are also drawn to established international firms in Alberta, contributing to the province’s success as a global tech hub.

Invest Alberta’s team is ready to open doors to opportunities while breaking boundaries at Asia Tech x Singapore (ATxSG). Potential investors will gain access to insights about Alberta’s thriving tech ecosystem, the potential for diversification and growth, avenues for strategic partnerships, access to global markets, and the community of innovators that now call Alberta home.

Our team looks forward to cultivating relationships with trailblazers in the global tech sector and showcasing the strategic advantages of Alberta as an entry point for global tech companies looking to successfully expand and grow in the North American market.

Learn more about Invest Alberta’s Technology and Innovation sector: https://investalberta.ca/technology-data/

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