June 16, 2022

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From Happy Hour to Alt-Flour: RE:HARVEST and Invest Alberta collaboration signals innovative boost for Alberta’s agri-tech scene  

RE:HARVEST, South Korea’s first food upcycling company, has begun collaborating with Invest Alberta to enhance and expand Alberta’s agri-tech sector while unlocking new avenues for investment. 

The focal product of RE:HARVEST is a flour alternative that is produced from the by-products of barley used in the production of beer and other alcoholic beverages. With this base, the company has developed several commercial products for consumers such as baking dough, noodles, and other varieties of “meal replacement” products.  

This flour, named “RE:nergy flour,” is highly nutritious, cost effective, and environmentally friendly, since the production process requires less resources than traditional flours. 

RE:HARVEST has expressed interest in exploring investment in Alberta, with the province’s abundance of beer manufacturers and breweries being an important factor. In doing so, RE:HARVEST is committed to working with Invest Alberta to help foster growth in Alberta’s agri-tech sector. As a result of these compatible goals, Invest Alberta and RE:HARVEST signed a MOU in May 2022 in Korea to support a shared investment vision, with the centerpiece being the establishment of a food upcycling production facility by RE:HARVEST in Alberta. 

MOU Signing (L-R): Alexander Myungjoon Min, CEO, RE:HARVEST; Rick Christiaanse, CEO, Invest Alberta

Through this collaboration, Invest Alberta will support RE:HARVEST’s goals through providing introductions and access to key contacts such as beer manufacturers, financial services, government, and more. Invest Alberta will also connect the South Korean firm with a variety of post-secondary institutions in Alberta to create a talent pipeline in order to further support the project.  

This recent development continues to prop up Alberta’s agri-tech scene, as RE:HARVEST’s interest in the province signals the latter’s ability to attract innovative and industry-leading agri-tech firms worldwide, pushing the agriculture industry as a whole towards a greener future.  

As Alberta continues to explore environmentally-friendly food production solutions, companies like RE:HARVEST are helping put the province at the top of the agriculture industry internationally, and this collaboration solidifies this position even further. 

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