March 11, 2022

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The future of clean energy: Cvictus awarded $10 million towards Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery (EHR) project

Progress towards decarbonizing the petrochemical and transportation sectors and establishing a new Alberta Advantage in cost and emissions is underway as Cvictus is on the fast track to becoming an industry leader in hydrogen-rich syngas extraction – producing the ‘greenest blue” hydrogen.  

The announcement came on March 9, 2022, that $10 million has been awarded to Cvictus from Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) and its Reducing Environmental Footprint Competition. This grant will enable the expansion of its commercial operations to demonstrate patented Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery (EHR) technology that will supply the lowest cost, lowest carbon intensity hydrogen from stranded hydrocarbons in Alberta.  

The Mannville Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery Project will reach commercial operation by March 2024, producing seven tonnes of clean hydrogen a day.  

EHR technology positively contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions in hydrogen-rich syngas production by extracting it from ultra-deep coal and brine, and reinjecting CO2 back into the same seam permitting geological sequestration – essentially turning coal ‘from a source to a sink’ of CO2.  The process will allow for the production of high-volume clean energy and chemical feedstock, while contributing to large scale reforestation and removal of CO2 from the atmosphere through the use of methanol to ferment single-cell proteins. Therefore, the project not only generates low-carbon, clean energy for heat, power and transportation, it also supplies both agriculture and aquaculture industries with non-photosynthesized animal protein.  

Invest Alberta signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Cvictus to support the progressive innovation of this project, which provides a cleaner and more multi-purposed production of hydrogen in Alberta. In conjunction to Alberta’s Hydrogen Roadmap, Cvictus’s initiative will be a large contributor to Alberta’s Recovery Plan.  

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