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Every year, thousands of people around the world choose to make Alberta their home. Our population is young, growing and diverse. It’s also educated, innovative and entrepreneurial. This enriches our workplaces and creates vibrant communities.

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Learn more about Alberta’s diverse industries and strong economy


Alberta is expanding its agricultural sector through innovation, technology and the development of new bio-based products

Alberta has long been an agricultural powerhouse. The development of earlier-maturing wheat varieties in the early 1900s helped establish crop farming in the province — and we’ve been innovating ever since. Alberta’s agricultural industry is developing new technologies to increase production, improve efficiencies and create high-quality, value-added products. Alberta is also home to global agribusinesses who are leading the transformation of sustainable food and environmental stewardship.

As a leading producer of canola, wheat, dry peas, barley, beef and pork, Alberta is growing their food processing capabilities. The province’s arable lands, abundance of sunshine and extensive irrigation networks make it an ideal place to produce agricultural products. Global connectivity and business-friendly policies open tremendous opportunities for agriculture processing facilities to establish Alberta as their North America hub.


Alberta is a global leader in energy production and one of the world’s leading investment destinations for renewable, carbon capture and hydrogen investments

A leading jurisdiction for renewable, cleantech and geothermal energy and home to the third largest oil reserves in the world; Alberta is harnessing its expertise with innovation to build a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Alberta will achieve a 45% methane reduction target by 2025, demonstrating a commitment to cutting carbon emissions. The province’s diverse resource portfolio also includes natural gas, minerals, wind, solar, geothermal and an abundance of affordable, low emission hydrogen.


Alberta is building its cargo capacity and leveraging its expertise in aviation, rail and trucking to transport people and goods all over the world

As e-commerce and ever-complicating supply chains increase the demand for efficient aviation and logistics, Alberta is a critical distribution hub for North America. The province is well-positioned to serve some of the world’s largest markets and to link global transportation routes. 

With two of the largest airports in Canada, integrated rail and intermodal infrastructure, and a thriving trucking industry, Alberta is well-connected to deliver efficient access to consumer markets globally. 


Alberta’s tech innovators and entrepreneurs are leading digital transformation across the province and the world.

Enabled by a robust talent pipeline, academic collaborations and a supportive ecosystem, Alberta’s innovators and entrepreneurs are developing technologies to solve the greatest global challenges. Embedded within the economy and leveraging the province’s expertise in energy, agribusiness, finance and logistics, Alberta tech companies are leading the digital transformation of these sectors.

With startups clustering around established tech firms that have relocated to the province, Alberta has grown into a global tech hub — and investment is following. The province experienced a record-breaking year for venture capital investment in 2022 and is home to over 3,000 tech companies. As the tech sector continues to mature and gain critical mass, Alberta is the place to be.

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