July 13, 2022

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Waste not, watt more: How GTH are using landfill waste as a sustainable energy solution

The global issue of landfill waste is a concern that continues to increase with each passing day. According to a 2018 report from the World Bank, about 2 billion tonnes of waste is created globally each year, with over a third of it ending up in landfills, making them one of the biggest challenges to environmental sustainability efforts. The same report also forecasted a 70 per cent increase in global waste by 2050, with the majority comprising of landfill waste.  

In recent times, the urgency to find a solution to these unsustainable landfills has increased exponentially, and progress has been made. One such solution that has seen considerable traction is the concept of “Energy from Waste,” or EfW. As the name implies, this process involves taking otherwise un-reusable waste and using it to create energy, all while cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions drastically compared to landfill waste.  

One business that has been driving initiatives in this field is Green Transition Holding (GTH). The Norwegian firm is involved in the development and operation of clean energy assets, and part of these activities involve their investment into EfW plants. This not only includes the acquisition of plants, but the design and building of GTH’s own facilities.  

These renewable energy plants burn waste to create energy that can be converted for usage in homes, businesses, factories, and more, mainly in the form of electricity. An estimated 100,000-200,000 tonnes of waste are burned at a single plant each year, dramatically reducing the amount of waste going to landfills, and in turn CO2 emissions. By establishing these plants, an “energy cycle” is formed, where goods that turn to waste are transformed into energy, which then help produce more goods. It is a shining example of an environmentally conscious system that also has economic benefits. 

A visual representation of the energy cycle an EfW plant creates (Photo: GTH) 

With an aim to expand their presence internationally, GTH has targeted Alberta to fulfill their goals. Their Canadian subsidiary (Varme Energy) has their headquarters located in Edmonton, and they have been working on implementing projects alongside various local institutions in the province.  

Companies such as GTH provide a great opportunity for Alberta to expand its clean energy sectors through diverse and innovative practices and solutions. GTH’s activities synergizes well with Alberta’s economic landscape, with the company offering a solution to an issue many parties face in the province regarding carbon emissions, landfill waste, and sustainable green initiatives, and with these issues being ever-so more concerning, it is important that Alberta stays ahead of the game and leads the charge in building a sustainable future for the world. Working with firms like GTH is a great step towards climbing to that goal, and such collaborations are vital in fostering a sustainable world for the future. 

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