March 20, 2024


Mondi Invests in Western Alberta’s Economic Future

Statement issued by Rick Christiaanse, Invest Alberta CEO

Invest Alberta joins the local community as well as provincial and national partners in celebrating Mondi’s expansion into Hinton, Alberta.

A global leader in sustainable packaging and paper, Mondi’s planned investments in upgrades and equipment sets the stage for a prosperous and sustainable future for the Hinton pulp mill and the local community.

This investment in Alberta shows that the province offers what no other region can –an experienced workforce, strong infrastructure, market access, and collaborative partnerships focused on helping the company succeed.

Mondi’s investment is a great example of how foreign direct investment can enhance communities by bringing innovative and sustainable solutions in a way that benefits rural communities.

From right here in Alberta, Mondi will support the growing market demand for sustainably-produced paper products. We look forward to continuing to support the company’s growth for years to come.

To learn more about Mondi’s plans, visit Mondi’s news release.

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