International business opportunities are vast in Alberta, Canada. We’re problem solvers and big thinkers doing groundbreaking work in the biggest industries in the world. Expand globally with us.


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Alberta may be one of the world’s largest energy producers, but the new economy is fueled by innovations across multiple diverse sectors.

What makes Alberta ideal for International Business Expansion?

A highly educated workforce, stable banking system and global connectivity have helped the province establish itself in emerging sectors like technology, financial services, aviation and logistics. Continued investment in energy, clean tech, petrochemicals and agriculture ensures that Alberta’s economy is as diverse as its landscapes.

Alberta is one of the best places to do business.

With access to a talented workforce, low-cost environment and ease of doing business, in Alberta, you can make it happen.


Alberta is a leader in environmental, social and governance stewardship.


Home to two vibrant international cities, Calgary and Edmonton.


More per capita investments than any other province.


The province is an internationally connected transport hub and export oriented.

Talent &

The young, talented workforce has the highest labour productivity in Canada.


Low tax rates leave companies with more to invest in people, research and growth.


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Aviation & Logistics

Meet global demands with Alberta’s world-class infrastructure

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Power the world with Alberta’s expertise in energy and cleantech

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Financial Services

Establish your financial firm in Alberta

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Diversify your petrochemical products in Alberta

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Lead Alberta’s digital transformation

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Alberta Success Stories

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Amazon’s first Canadian wind farm project coming to Alberta

On November 16, 2023, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners started construction on Canada’s largest wind project. Amazon has signed a power purchase agreement with the Buffalo Plains wind farm to power their local operations, including AWS data centre and Amazon fulfillment centres. This marks Amazon’s fourth renewable energy project in Canada and comes on the heels of…

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Air Products Canada announces $1.3B hydrogen plant

In June 2021, Air Products Canada announced the construction of a $1.3-billion hydrogen plant in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. The plant would produce hydrogen-fuelled electricity and liquid hydrogen for transportation, as soon as 2024.

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Powering Alberta’s Future with Critical Minerals 

In today’s rapidly evolving world, critical minerals play a pivotal role in shaping our technological landscape and driving the transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions. Alberta, with its vast geological potential and industry expertise, emerges as a significant player in this dynamic arena. Join us as we delve into the world of critical…

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A prime example: Amazon Web Services makes high-impact $4.3B investment in Alberta tech

Alberta’s vibrant tech sector continues to see international investment—this time with a record $4.3 billion investment by 2037 from Amazon Web Services to build a new cloud computing hub in Calgary, announced November 8, 2021.   Calgary—a city often known for its energy headquarters—has become home to billions in investment from tech innovators in recent years….

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A new leaf: GoodLeaf chooses Alberta for new vertical farm operation

Alberta is adding GoodLeaf Farms to its growing list of innovative agri-food companies looking to grow Canadian operations and take advantage of Alberta’s welcoming business climate.   GoodLeaf operates proprietary indoor vertical farming systems that use modern technologies to grow varieties of leafy greens year-round without pesticides or herbicides. The company’s new 74,000-square-foot indoor vertical farm…

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Attabotics revolutionizes logistics with robotics

Listed as one of CNBC’s 50 top disruptors in 2020, Attabotics is revolutionizing supply chains and fulfillment centres. Its storage and retrieval systems integrate leading robotics, AI and Internet of Things (IOT) technology to solve complex problems. Attobotics recently raised a total of $82 million in Series C funding and received over $30 million in…

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ESG leadership is a key focus in Alberta’s economy

ESG leadership is a key focus in Alberta’s economy

Alberta is working hard to create a sustainable, low carbon future for the world through environmental stewardship, positive social change and global governance leadership.

Foothills Outside of Coleman, Alberta

Photo Credit: © Travel Alberta by Quin Schrock