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Whatever your investment or business goals are, you can achieve them in Alberta, Canada. Whether it’s leading the world in clean tech or developing sustainable food, let’s make it happen together.

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

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Alberta may be one of the world’s largest energy producer, but the new economy is fuelled by innovations across multiple key sectors.

A highly educated workforce, stable banking system and global connectivity have helped the province establish itself in emerging sectors like technology, financial services, tourism, aviation and logistics. Continued investment in the areas of energy and clean tech, petrochemicals and agriculture are ensuring that Alberta’s economy is as diverse as its landscapes.

Key Sectors

Alberta’s economy is diversifying. A leader in energy, clean tech and agriculture, Alberta is capitalizing on growth across the technology, financial services, aviation and logistics, and tourism sectors.


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Aviation & Logistics

Meet global demands with Alberta’s world-class infrastructure

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Energy & Cleantech

Power the world with Alberta’s expertise in energy and cleantech

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Financial Services

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Alberta welcomes the world


Alberta is one of the best place to do business. With low tax rates, less red tape, and access to a talented workforce, in Alberta, you can make it happen.

Environmental, Social and Governance Leadership

Alberta is leader in environmental stewardship.


Alberta is one of the most affordable places to live in North America.

Business Friendly

Alberta has the most business-friendly policies in Canada and a strong economy.

Dynamic Cities

Alberta has two vibrant international cities, Calgary and Edmonton.

Economically strong

Alberta invests more per capita than any other province.

Globally Connected

Alberta is internationally connected and export oriented.

Talent and Productivity

Alberta has a young, talented workforce and the highest labour productivity in Canada.

Tax Advantages

Alberta’s low tax rates leave companies with more to invest in people, research, and growth.

Economically Strong

Alberta is home to incredible companies.

Alberta’s economy is diversifying. A leader in energy, clean tech, petrochemicals, and agriculture, Alberta is also capitalizing on growth across the technology, financial services, aviation and logistics and tourism sectors.

Alberta Success Stories

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ESG leadership is a key focus in Alberta’s economy

Alberta is working hard to create a sustainable, low carbon future for the world through environmental stewardship, positive social change and global governance leadership.

Foothills outside of Coleman, Alberta

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