May 1, 2024


Invest Alberta signs MOU with Marubeni Canada

Statement issued by Rick Christiaanse, Invest Alberta CEO

Today, Invest Alberta signed an agreement with Marubeni, a Japan-based global business conglomerate to support their exploration of investment opportunities in Alberta.

Through this alliance, Invest Alberta and Marubeni Canada will identify opportunities for projects that will help Marubeni’s ongoing effort to contribute to the development of a sustainable society while also supporting economic diversification in Alberta. With interest in sectors including clean energy, critical minerals, agriculture, life sciences, and technology, Marubeni’s continued interest in Alberta shows the expansive opportunity available for companies prioritizing sustainable development.

We look forward to supporting Marubeni by connecting them with senior industry experts and relevant stakeholders, including post-secondary institutions, the business community, and government organizations to help inform the company’s investment and development decisions in the province.

“We are pleased to announce this partnership between Invest Alberta Corporation and Marubeni Canada Ltd. As a committed partner over the decades through existing businesses in Alberta and Canada, we are thrilled to join forces to drive positive change and growth for Marubeni and Alberta. Together, we are dedicated to pursuing sustainable business initiatives and are eager to collaborate on a shared vision for a prosperous future.”

– Takayuki Hayashi, Marubeni Canada, President and CEO

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