January 27, 2022

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A new leaf: GoodLeaf chooses Alberta for new vertical farm operation

Alberta is adding GoodLeaf Farms to its growing list of innovative agri-food companies looking to grow Canadian operations and take advantage of Alberta’s welcoming business climate.  

GoodLeaf operates proprietary indoor vertical farming systems that use modern technologies to grow varieties of leafy greens year-round without pesticides or herbicides. The company’s new 74,000-square-foot indoor vertical farm planned for Calgary will be twice the size of the company’s flagship farm in Guelph, Ontario.  

Highlights from the GoodLeaf Farms launch in Calgary, including Jeff McKinnon, Senior VP of Network Development for GoodLeaf Farms posing with a rendering of the new operation, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation, Hon. Doug Schweitzer, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, Hon. Nate Horner, and Invest Alberta CEO Rick Christiaanse

Set to be operational by the end of 2022, the new vertical farm in Southern Alberta will create 70 jobs and supply major metro areas in Alberta, British Columbia and the Prairies with fresh, local, ready-to-eat varieties of leafy greens, increasing local access to products that previously would have to be shipped from the US and Mexico. GoodLeaf’s current retail partners include Loblaws, Metro and Longo’s. 

The farm will produce more than one million pounds of local leafy greens each year which will land on grocery store shelves in Western Canada by early 2023. Alberta will house GoodLeaf’s third Canadian operation, which will also create opportunities to partner with post-secondary institutions on agri-food innovation.  

A GoodLeaf farm operation in Canada

GoodLeaf’s farm is also being assisted with a $2.7 million incentive from the Alberta Investment Growth Fund. It is the first project to receive funding from the program. 

Invest Alberta helps businesses gain awareness of Alberta’s Investment and Growth Fund, while providing investment advisory services to companies looking to come to Alberta. An eligible project must create 25 jobs and deploy at least $15 million in capital spending. Potential applicants to the program and partner ministries can work through Invest Alberta investment advisors to access the program. 

Companies in the late stages of decision-making will also be required to demonstrate that Alberta and at least one other jurisdiction are actively being considered for the investment. Programs like IGF give Alberta a competitive advantage when attracting new and exciting investment to the province. 

GoodLeaf’s new operation is another example of a high-impact, high-value investment in Alberta that creates jobs and grows Alberta’s innovative edge in the agri-food sector. 

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