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Every year, thousands of people around the world choose to make Alberta their home. Our population is young, growing and diverse. It’s also educated, innovative and entrepreneurial. This enriches our workplaces and creates vibrant communities.

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Alberta’s tech innovators and entrepreneurs are leading digital transformation across the province and the world.

Enabled by a robust talent pipeline, academic collaborations and a supportive ecosystem, Alberta’s innovators and entrepreneurs are developing technologies to solve the greatest global challenges. Embedded within the economy and leveraging the province’s expertise in energy, agribusiness, finance and logistics, Alberta tech companies are leading the digital transformation of these sectors.

With startups clustering around established tech firms that have relocated to the province, Alberta has grown into a global tech hub — and investment is following. The province experienced a record-breaking year for venture capital investment in 2022 and is home to over 3,000 tech companies. As the tech sector continues to mature and gain critical mass, Alberta is the place to be.

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