July 11, 2023


Silicon Valley Startup Teknol Expands Footprint to Alberta to Invest in the Future of Learning

Calgary, AB – Teknol, an innovative Silicon Valley-based startup, is expanding its presence to Canada with a new office in Calgary. Invest Alberta joined the firm to announce that it will be relocating its entire engineering and support teams to Calgary, a move that underscores the city’s growing reputation as a North American tech hub. This expansion will bring $12.5 million and 125 new jobs over three years.

Teknol’s decision to expand to Calgary comes with a focus on the early learning sector, as part of the organization’s wider goal to revolutionize education through technology. Their renowned software platform, PREto3.com, is dedicated to simplifying management processes in early childhood education.

Teknol also boasts a strategic partnership with WePay, a JP Morgan Chase company, which empowers the startup to streamline payment processes and expand its client base. This partnership serves as an indicator of Teknol’s desire to innovate within Calgary’s growing fintech cluster.

With their move to Alberta, Teknol aims to hire a diverse workforce, nurture the local talent available, and build a robust ecosystem that emphasizes innovation and tech-based solutions. This project is indicative of Edmonton and Calgary’s fast growing tech ecosystems that are attracting the attention of innovative leaders looking to take advantage of a higher quality of life for their teams as well as harness a young and highly educated talent pool.

Teknol chose Alberta for its expansion due to the province’s affordability and availability of talent to support their diverse clients in the technology and fintech sectors. Invest Alberta supported their expansion plans by connecting the company to key partners and service providers, market intelligence, and hosting an official visit in July 2023 to celebrate Teknol’s first hire.


“Alberta continues to attract innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world. Teknol’s expansion into Calgary is yet another example of the exciting momentum we see in Alberta’s technology sector. Alberta’s government is committed to making our province one of the most innovative jurisdictions in Canada.”

– Nate Glubish, Minister of Technology and Innovation

“With our expansion into Calgary, we are better positioned to continue innovating and growing in a dynamic tech industry. The partnership between WePay and PREto3.com is a perfect illustration of this vision. We’re not just building software; we’re building the future of education.”

– Rahul Beri, CEO, Teknol

“Alberta continues to attract innovative startups like Teknol who bring their progressive concepts to Alberta’s technology and engineering ecosystems. Propelled by a wealth of skilled professionals and a reputation as a thriving environment for living, working, and fostering innovation, Alberta stands poised to empower ambitious companies like Teknol in their pursuit of broader horizons.”

– Rick Christiaanse, CEO, Invest Alberta 

About Teknol:  

Teknol provides business management and workflow solutions to small-to-mid market businesses. They optimize small business operations, automate marketing, and maximize revenue to simplify management and power growth for small business owners. Their tailored small business solutions cloud software, digital marketing services and data intelligence empowers business owners to drive impact for social good. For more information, please visit teknol.xyz.

About Invest Alberta: 

Invest Alberta engages the world and provides high-end tailored support to companies, investors, and major new projects. With team members strategically positioned in key markets around the world, Invest Alberta works to break down barriers so businesses can start up, scale up, and succeed without limits. Since 2020, Invest Alberta has supported the commitment of nearly $20 billion in investment that created more than 25,000 new high-value jobs for Albertans. For more information, please visit investalberta.ca.

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