July 26, 2022

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They have the tech, we have the oats: An INCREDIBLE investment opportunity for Alberta agriculture

MOU Signing: Rick Christiaanse, CEO, Invest Alberta (Left); Mr. Won lk-Son, Founder and CEO, INCREDIBLE (Right)

The plant-based protein fad is on the rise and here to stay – becoming a staple alternative in fast food chains and grocery stores. Not only has the world shown a rapidly-growing interest in plant-based proteins, but consumers are catching wind of this healthy, more sustainable alternative that’s changing the world of agriculture by the day.  

More and more agri-food companies are sourcing natural products in order to process sustainable alternatives for animal-based proteins, providing endless substitutes for vegetarians, vegans and even meat eaters globally.  

In May 2022, during a mission to Korea, Invest Alberta had the opportunity to meet the experts at INCREDIBLE Inc., a Korean food and agri-tech company, to learn about their plant-based protein operations and how it can contribute to Alberta’s innovation and leadership in modern agriculture.  

As a major importer of Alberta oats, INCREDIBLE is committed to food engineering innovation – made possible with the purest oats produced by Alberta farmers and INCREDIBLE’s agriculture technology.  

During the mission, Invest Alberta signed and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with INCREDIBLE to expand Alberta’s leadership, innovation and technology in today’s agriculture sector, and help the company explore opportunities to establish a production facility, partner with the plant-based protein industry, and create high-quality products through wet plant protein fractionation. 

The collaboration can help make Alberta a strategic destination in securing a sustainable supply chain of plant-based protein ingredients, while providing a gateway to expand the profile of plant-based proteins in North America.  

We have recently seen organizations like Phytokana, formerly Phyto Organix, and PIP International Inc, both pea protein producers, announce plans to open processing facilities in Alberta. Opportunity for protein alternative producers is expanding here, and Alberta’s agriculture sector is ready.  

It is evident that Alberta is becoming a high-attraction destination for agri-tech, and international collaboration in Asia will enable Alberta’s leading sectors to continue growing and innovating the space.


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